10 New Trends and Ideas To Have An Invisible Closet In The Bedroom

invisible bedroom closetThe closet is an indispensable piece of furniture in any bedroom. However, visually, it is a piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space, and makes the bedroom seem smaller than it really is.

However, there are what are known as “invisible cabinets”, furniture with design that blends with the environment and that seem to be part of the walls. Do you want to have one of these invisible cabinets at home? We are going to give you a few ideas that you will like!

A custom made closet

The first option that we are going to give you is not that it is an invisible built-in wardrobe, but that it will be a custom built closet to take advantage of a room space.

For example, imagine that your bedroom has a small area just below a life and a column. It would be a perfect place for a closet, don’t you think? Moreover, it is the perfect place for a custom made closet.

The grace of custom cabinets is not only that you can get the space you need to have space for all your clothes, but it will also occupy that entire area, without leaving any gaps in sight that visually clash with the decoration of the bedroom.

The closet can be a little more dull color than the walls, or a totally different one. It will seem to be part of the bedroom and has always been there

With sliding doors, so that it blends with the environment

invisible bedroom closetThis idea would come a little associated with what we have said in the previous point. It would consist of assembling a work closet, fully customized.

Only, instead of putting swing doors, they would be sliding. The reason? The sliding doors do not require handles to open, and if you choose a color very similar to that of the walls, as if it were a chameleon, the closet will seem to be one more wall.

In addition, you should think about the advantages of cabinets with sliding doors, especially in small spaces. You don’t have to worry about moving the bed too far to open the doors.

A closet with swing doors, but without handles

The minimalist and Nordic decoration have exploited the creativity of invisible cabinets to the maximum by creating furniture that does not need handles to open its doors.

Totally smooth doors that, unless you look at the fine lines of separation between the doors, nobody would say that there is a closet on that wall. Choosing it in the right color, it will be totally impossible for visitors to say whether it is an invisible closet or a wall!

Take a corner

Let’s say, for one case, that in your bedroom there is a small hallway. Instead of putting a closet that takes up a lot of space, why not take advantage of the corner?

With a little work you can create a small closet, or a dressing room, inside that corner. Do you wonder if that would not expose the underwear? No, because the entire closet would be covered with glass panels.

A modern technique that will also contribute a lot of style to the decoration of your bedroom while giving you the possibility of having your own dressing room. And don’t believe that it takes a lot of space to get this.

Another option would be to hide the closet within this space, and there is a small changing area with the closet in the background. The problem? That a lot of space is needed, and you still have to take centimeters to the hall. Now, if you think there will be no problem for doing so, go ahead!

Taking advantage of the shape of the space

Do you have a long hallway in the bedroom? A large dressing room? Or are you going to put the closet in the hallway near your bedroom? If it is one of these options, you have to buy a closet with doors that suits the shape of the space.

For example, if the closet is going to have an L-shape then it has a bit of curvature in its doors, so that there seems to be continuity. And, so that it is not so bland, that on the surface it has some stripes of a slightly darker color, to highlight them.

A decorative piece that serves to divide spaces

If we told you right now: you have a large bedroom, why don’t you put something that serves as a dividing element? Surely the idea of putting something like a screen or a curtain of accounts would come to mind.

No, a closet can also be an element with which to divide spaces. The only thing you should look for is that it has something decorative, that in sight makes it look like a wall. Decorated both front and back with the same pattern, to make it colorful.

Although the shooters are visible, nothing will happen, it will still seem like a raised wall to separate the bedroom area from the dressing area or leisure area. This solution works for both a double and single bedroom.

Let the doors stand out

invisible bedroom closetIt is true that if the doors are very visible we could not speak 100% of an invisible closet. However, what’s wrong with the doors having a little light of their own ?

It’s about choosing a color that stands out above the color on the walls. For example, if the room is painted in light tones, let the doors be in a lighter shade, such as white gloss. Or if it is in dark tones, the doors in an even darker tone, like a black with light white lines.

With a paneling

This idea that we are going to give you for invisible wardrobes for bedrooms is something that you have seen many times in hotels. It consists of mimicking the closet with the wall covering.

On many occasions, as for example in the decoration of nautical or rustic bedrooms, we have commented that you can cover the wall of the headboard in wood. Then the cabinet stick it horizontally to that wall, with the doors with the same color as the wall covering.

They will be two totally different pieces, but they will appear to be one. A practical and perfect solution for small bedrooms with en suite bathrooms to take advantage of that wall.

Mirrors to hide the closet

Do you remember that before we told you that if you take a corner of the bedroom to put the closet the doors could be glass to hide it?

Well, in case you put a custom closet on one side of the room, the doors are made of glass will help hide it. Mirrors on the walls are a very common decorative element in the bedrooms, so no one will say that behind those windows there is a hidden closet.

Of course, think about the investment that supposes that, and that the doors of these invisible cabinets cannot carry handles, since the glass is gradually cracking by the pressure they exert if they are nailed. Stuck? It will be an option, but it is not very practical either.

Maintain a continuity with the shape of the room

You may have a lot of clothes, and therefore you will need a lot of storage space. So, shouldn’t you put a closet that follows the shape of the room?

As you have already imagined we are talking about whether if you have a room with a lot of depth the closet has an I-shape or an L-shape to take advantage of the corners.

Anything else we can tell you about invisible closets?

invisible bedroom closetWith the ideas we have given you, you will not have problems putting an invisible closet in your bedroom. But you may have some doubt, so let’s clear them right now.

Do invisible cabinets have to be tailored?

No, they do not have to be made to measure, but it is recommended. Think that finding a closet with the perfect measurements for a room gap is not always possible.

In this case, it is better to pay to have a custom closet made for that space. But, as we have mentioned above, you can fuse the closet with the rest of the room making it a dividing element for the room.

With or without handles?

Look at images on invisible cabinets and you will see that there are two styles. Now, a true invisible closet is the one that is imperceptible. How do you get this? Fusing it with the environment.

If you do not have handles, it will not look like a closet, but one more wall, especially if the color of the doors is the same as the smooth walls.

Is it essential that an invisible closet be built in?

Of course not, and, in fact, read our ideas about invisible cabinets and you will see that you can have an independent closet, only that it will be fused with the environment to look like another piece of this.

The built-in is a solution when the space is very small, for example, for children’s or youth bedrooms that are usually small.

The mirrors, don’t forget it

If you really want your closet to look invisible you should put some doors with a mirror. An element that on one side will camouflage your closet, and on the other will serve as a decorative element for the bedroom.

It has its advantages, just as it has its drawbacks. But nobody will be able to deny that it will be a very practical solution for the doors of your invisible cabinets.

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