What will change in construction 2023?

“May makes everything new” is a saying that means that nature then completely renews itself. In March 2023, home building subsidies will be completely overhauled, as will other aspects of house building. An overview.

Promotion of new construction from 2023

The new building subsidy will start on March 1st with the new “climate-friendly new building” program. Only efficiency houses 40 that emit a maximum of 24 kg CO₂ per square meter and year are funded.

The entire life cycle of the building is considered, i.e. the greenhouse gas emissions during construction, operation and dismantling of the house. Funding is provided with a low-interest loan of up to EUR 100,000 per residential unit. Houses with the Sustainable Building (QNG) seal of quality receive up to 150,000 euros.

From June 2023, families with low incomes in particular will also be able to benefit from low-interest KfW-Credit benefit. In concrete terms, this means that families with at least one minor child and a maximum taxable annual income of 60,000 euros (plus 10,000 euros for each additional child) are eligible for funding. According to the current tax statistics, that is almost 75 percent of households. Equally certain: responsibility for this will no longer lie with the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK), but with the Federal Ministry for Building (BMWSB).

New building from the turn of the year

Since November 1, 2020, the Building Energy Act (GEG) has regulated the requirements for the energy quality of buildings. On January 1, 2023, a decisive and momentous change came into force. It stipulates that the permissible annual primary energy requirement must be reduced from the previous 75 percent of the reference building to 55 percent now. The bottom line is that this change in the law means that every new building must be at least an efficiency house 55, which is the new standard for the time being.

Building interest 2023

It is true that a forecast of building interest rates for 2023 is a difficult undertaking because so many different factors, such as high inflation, sometimes have a very short-term impact on the development of building interest rates. But for 2023, the experts across the board are very much in agreement that interest rates will tend to rise at least in the first six months. So anyone who finances their new building should seek precise advice and secure favorable conditions and interest rates, for example with a forward loan, or think about fixing interest rates for as long as possible.

Heating from the turn of the year

After 30 years, the end for certain oil and gas heating systems, at least that’s what the Building Energy Act (GEG 2020) stipulates. So if you have a boiler in the basement that was installed before 1992, you may have to throw it out. Constant-temperature boilers that run on oil or gas definitely have to go. Low-temperature and condensing boilers are not covered by the regulation. But no rule without exception. The owners of detached and semi-detached houses who have lived in their property for a long time are generally exempt from the replacement obligation. At the latest when there is a change of ownership, however, an exchange is due.

Fireplaces in the New Year

The rumor persists that for “small and medium-sized firing systems” (meaning: fireplaces & Co.) the furnace could literally be out in the coming years. The good news for 2023: No, that’s not true. According to the Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV), stoves built by 2010 have until the end of 2024. And not every oven has to suffer, only those that exceed defined limit values. Incidentally, open fireplaces are an exception to this rule.

Photovoltaic from 2023

2023 will be omitted Financial support for photovoltaic systems as part of the promotion of efficiency houses. In return, anyone who has used this has forgone an EEG payment (the so-called feed-in payment for solar power that they do not need themselves). For builders the deletion does not necessarily mean bad news, because the EEG 2023 will significantly increase the feed-in tariff for electricity from PV systems. Against this background, a purchase is definitely worthwhile.

Solar obligation from the New Year

Baden-Württemberg already relies on renewable energies and already has the solar obligation, many other federal states want to follow suit in 2023. In general, all new buildings in Hamburg must be equipped with a photovoltaic system in the new year. In Berlin, both the owners of new buildings that are to be used commercially and the owners of new residential buildings are obliged to equip the roofs with a solar system from January 1, 2023. Bremen has already initiated something similar, but the authorities in the Hanseatic city are still examining it plans. In the coming year, Rhineland-Palatinate and Lower Saxony will only demand solar energy for new commercial buildings.

You can find more on the subject of house and construction in every issue of my beautiful home.

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The most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

If you’re tired of the endless row of rectangular gray sofas, you’ll love the 2024 sofa trends. Beautiful natural shades and original prints are becoming increasingly popular, while neutral tones have become softer and warmer. Simple shapes and clear lines are still valued in interior design, but more and more flowing forms can be seen in trendy interiors.

Blue bluesThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

In 2024, we may see an increase in the popularity of the color blue. Soothing and serene, bright blue helps to create a relaxing atmosphere, which is very valuable for the living room. Shades of blue help to feel peaceful, especially when they appear on a white background. The combination of white and blue helps create a clean and fresh look. In 2024, bright blue sofas are in trend, and muted, desaturated shades will be less popular.

ContrastsThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

Ever wanted to experiment with contrasting colors or large geometric patterns? It’s time to do it. If earlier designers turned to softer and more delicate contrasts, now they play with bold and intriguing patterns. You can see sofas in red and white stripes, reminiscent of bright lollipops. Or stylish models with wide black and white stripes, which can be considered a new reading of the checkerboard trend.

The 1970s-style sofa in this photo looks fresh and kitsch at the same time, bringing character and daring energy to the room. 2024 is expected to see many large, bold patterns and geometric designs in contrasting colors.

Spicy colors and natural shapesThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

Luxurious saffron-colored radius sofa goes well with a cold gray background. Its velvet upholstery creates a soft glow and harmonizes with the glossy coffee table. Rounded natural shapes and intense natural colors help to breathe joy and peace into the interior.

Bright greenThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

Green is much loved for its calming qualities. If you want to bring more natural elements into the interior, you can do this not only with the help of a lot of greenery and natural materials. Just use a bright green color. A whole range of greens, from olive to pine to mint, are great for sofas. In the trend of 2024 and joyful shades. The green and pink in the living room in the photo help to create the impression that you are in a blooming garden.

Red-brownThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

The rust color is intense, deep and warm. It is perfect for a living room in earthy tones. Luminous velvety upholstery makes this shade even more luxurious, while the simple shape of the sofa emphasizes the splash of color.

Textured upholsteryThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

The cream bouclé sofa is one of the biggest trends for 2022. But he charmed everyone so much that he does not lose popularity in 2024. The sofa with smooth shapes and soft upholstery looks especially cozy.

Shades of brownThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

The popularity of various shades of brown is growing, this color is not going to slow down. The trend is warm natural colors, such as sand, caramel, coffee. Designers choose textured upholstery with bold monochrome patterns. Notice also the shape of this high-back frameless modular sofa.

PurpleThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

Purple and plum shades will be very popular in 2024. If you want a sofa with intense and bold light, check out the Pantone palette. With a rounded silhouette and shiny brass inserts, this sofa will be a highlight in any living room.

Green mossThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

Along with a brighter version of green, darker and more muted shades have become popular in 2024. Warm velvet upholstery, soft, tactile, with deep pile, blends perfectly with the natural mossy tone.

MushroomThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

Not quite grey, not quite brown, mushroom is kind of an intermediate shade that changes depending on the lighting. This color looks especially good in combination with rounded natural lines.

Interior doors 2024: Trends and ideas from manufacturer catalogs

The production of interior doors is a business whose popularity is growing every day. In pursuit of the buyer, factories constantly follow fashion and offer products at competitive prices. Why not enter the new season through a new door – in the truest sense of the word? Let’s talk about what modern interior doors will look like in the interior in 2024 – fashion trends and ideas can already be seen in the photo from manufacturers’ catalogs.

Interior doors 2024: Current modelsInterior doors 2024

The model must be selected for the interior and layout of the room as a whole, but there are cases when different options are suitable. So, according to customer reviews and current trends, interior doors of such models will be in fashion now and in 2024:

  • sliding compartments – because you need to save space;
  • sliding “accordion” – for the same reason;
  • a hidden “pencil case” is preferable to a barn suspension – it again saves space and can be equipped with a false wall;
  • without platbands – an analogue of hidden doors, but painted (or pasted) not necessarily in the color of the walls.

That is, the main concept is invisibility, functionality versus deliberate attraction of attention. Of course, the usual swing doors will retain their positions. How do they look fashionable? Let’s look further.

Interior door trends 2024: MaterialsInterior doors 2024

There are often two extremes among buyers: some are ready to buy any beautiful plywood, if only it is cheaper. Others resist and want only an array, they don’t need anything else (even if the texture of the array is not visible under a layer of paint). We recommend choosing in accordance with the characteristics of the room and design. Modern ways of finishing panels – whether it is a natural wood plank or a pine frame with cardboard filler – allow any source material to be made attractive.

On our website, we have already talked about what interior doors are made of, talked about the pros and cons of various options. But since the eco-agenda is particularly relevant today, we suggest stopping at an eco-veneer with an MDF base.

Both materials are made from wood waste, using resins (the main thing is that the manufacturer does not save on non-toxic compounds), dyes and polymers. The result is a product that looks like an array, while being much cheaper. They produce articles for painting, pasting and ready-made models. In general, versatility and environmental friendliness are at the forefront.

Interior door designs 2024: Trend CoversInterior doors 2024

We have to admit: the pattern of natural wood is going out of fashion – whether it is natural, printed or painted. First, he left with cheap PVC coatings, and now he says goodbye to modern interior doors, and regardless of the interior design of the apartment – 2024 dictates austerity, simplicity and cleanliness. Six months ago, you could boast of laminated panels that were easy to clean, looked decent and were inexpensive. It’s time for painting.

Will dyed products be more expensive? Perhaps – if they are covered with high-quality compounds that will begin to fall off in a month, without streaks and bubbles. At the same time, the base also depends – a painted array will cost much more than MDF, even taking into account the preparation for painting.

Should I focus on the “main color of the year”?Interior doors 2024

Our answer: no. At least if you don’t want to mess around with repainting. Recall that the Pantone Institute only in December will designate the color that will be the “main” next year. Focus on the details of the interior, and leave the door alone. If you just want to be in trend, consider additional design:

  • painting – compositions will be needed not only for drawing a picture, but also for preparing the canvas, in general, the process can be very laborious;
  • stickers and translators – a simple and inexpensive temporary solution that even a child can handle, from the pros – at any time you can “roll back” as it was;
  • backlighting is a technically complicated solution, not very practical, but very high-tech: a colored diode strip is placed around the perimeter of the casing, an option is a lamp with colored diodes above the door frame itself.

Choosing the material of the doors to the bathroom

Extreme humidity, temperature fluctuations, constant touching – these are the operating conditions for bathroom doors. It is necessary to approach with special care the choice of material so that they serve as long as possible and retain their original appearance. What material to choose the door to the bathroom? Let’s look at the options.

Popular interior door designInterior doors 2024

Since the general trend dictates simplicity and directness, there are several options for finishing doors that will not become obsolete not only next season, but, we believe, further:

  • a smooth canvas is a universal win-win option, although a little boring;
  • split panels – more often horizontal or vertical;
  • geometric combination of materials – for example, plain-colored panels alternate with wood texture;
  • glass – mostly frosted.

In anti-trends – stained-glass windows, floral ornaments, glazing bead and panels. Of course, if the interior requires all this, do it, but be aware: they don’t “wear” like that anymore.

Modern interior doors in the interior in 2024, in accordance with fashion trends and trends, will be practical and somewhat minimalist. The colors are soft and non-contrasting, the canvases will be either smooth or with drawings of straight lines – no bends and stained glass windows. You can see the novelties of the factories and choose the most suitable one in the salons of interior doors of the shopping mall – here the assortment that will be relevant next season is already presented.

Corner Kitchen Design 2024: Trendy Ideas and Tips

Corner Kitchen Design 2024: Trendy Ideas and TipsCorner kitchen sets are a popular solution for kitchens in most interior styles. It allows you to form a convenient working triangle, design a functional storage space with easy access, and effectively use the area of both small and spacious kitchens. Best of all, corner sets show themselves in kitchens with a layout close to the shape of a square – so all the important elements are at the same distance when cooking. However, even in rooms of a more complex shape, furniture can be installed so that its use brings only pleasure.

What to consider when planning a corner kitchenCorner Kitchen Design 2024: Trendy Ideas and Tips

Designing a corner kitchen is more complicated than a classic straight set: it is necessary not only to take into account the layout of the room, the location of walls and niches, but also the location of the main elements: sink, hob, refrigerator, cutting surface and others. There are several nuances that need to be considered when choosing the interior of an L-shaped kitchen.

  • Windows and doors. When working out the details of the headset, you need to take into account the location of the window and door openings, the direction of opening the door and the height of the window sill, if it is used as a work surface.
  • Heating. Risers and radiators can interfere with the installation of a corner headset, so their location must also be taken into account.
  • Ventilation. It is impossible to block the ventilation hole with lockers without leaving access to it for exhaust or free access of air in the absence of the latter.
  • Communications. Water and sewer pipes must be led to the installation sites of the sink and dishwasher during the preparation stage: if the distance from the outlet of the water pipes to the equipment is more than 2.5 meters, the risk of leaks and pressure problems increases. It is also important to pre-install sockets in the right places.
  • Gas. The gas stove cannot be installed at a great distance from the gas valve. In addition, the distance from the window to the burners should be at least 50 centimeters in order to reduce the risk of the fire dying out during a gust of wind.
  • Ergonomics. The dishwasher is best placed next to the washer and dryer for easy loading and unloading. It is more convenient to use the oven at chest level, setting it separately from the stove.

Corner set dimensionsCorner Kitchen Design 2024: Trendy Ideas and Tips

Since not every layout allows you to place furniture in one row, it is the corner kitchen that becomes the solution to this problem. When planning the dimensions of a headset, in addition to storage space, there are several important elements to consider.

  • Refrigerator. 60 cm built-in or 70 cm freestanding if ventilation space is needed.
  • Plate. 60 centimeters for standard 4 burners. The same amount if you plan to install a separate oven at the height of the countertop.
  • Washing. From 35 centimeters for narrow ones and up to 80 or more for wide models.
  • Cutting zone. From 50 cm or more.
  • Microwave. 45-60 centimeters depending on the model.

Any additional element in the kitchen will require additional space to accommodate.

Sink in the corner kitchen – how to choose and where to placeCorner Kitchen Design 2024: Trendy Ideas and Tips

The dimensions of the sink are determined based on the availability of free space and taste preferences. You can choose a small model without wings, built into the headset. Large shells with one or two wings take up much more space.

There are two options for the location of the sink: corner, or on one side of the headset. In general, the option of washing on one of the sides of the headset is considered more convenient and modern. It would be ideal if there is a free countertop on both sides of the sink – this way it will be much more convenient to wash dishes and food while cooking.

There are many options for arranging furniture, appliances and fittings in corner kitchens. Exploring tried and tested design ideas can help you find solutions for your own dream kitchen.

  • L-shaped kitchen. The classic version of the arrangement, consisting of two parts adjacent to each other at right angles. The length of the sides can be either the same or different, depending on the layout of the room. This arrangement is suitable for both spacious and very small kitchens.
  • Peninsula. The solution for rooms with a large area and kitchen-living rooms. With this layout, an additional row of cabinets with a worktop, not adjacent to the wall, adjoins one of the sides of the L-shaped kitchen. This solution allows you to expand the working surface and storage space, as well as zone the room.
  • Island. Another solution for spacious kitchens. Such a layout involves the installation of an additional cabinet with a tabletop that is not adjacent to the rest of the headset, but designed in the same style. This allows you to create the most comfortable working triangle, expand storage space and make the interior of the kitchen more interesting.
  • Duplex kitchen. To effectively use the space, you can arrange the upper cabinets in two tiers. This solution will significantly expand the storage space for dishes and utensils, which is especially important in small kitchens.
  • Bar counter. Adding a breakfast bar to a corner kitchen helps zone the space in large spaces, using it as an alternative to a full dining table. Depending on the type and dimensions of the rack, it can be installed both in a spacious and in a small kitchen.
  • Right angle. The simplest and most common option for connecting the two sides of a corner kitchen, but not the most convenient, especially if there is a sink in the corner.
  • Bevelled corner. A trapezoid-shaped side connection option that expands the interior space of the cabinets and provides more convenient access to the corner of the kitchen. This arrangement allows you to add symmetry to the kitchen.
  • Corner sink. A popular technique that allows you to move communications, tap water filters, waste shredders, as well as a trash can into the least accessible space – into a corner cabinet. This allows for more efficient use of storage space.
  • Corner plate. Sometimes the hob is installed in the corner. Usually for this you have to mount a trapezoidal pedestal. An additional difficulty with this arrangement is the placement of the hood strictly above the hob. This solution should be resorted to in the case when the room initially has a beveled corner to simplify installation.
  • Retractable corner drawers. Modern storage systems allow you to use the space of the corner zone one hundred percent. Retractable designs allow you to access even the remote space against the wall. The main disadvantage of such systems is the high cost.
  • Open shelves. A budget and practical option for creating upper corner cabinets is open storage shelves. It will save the budget, eliminate the need to calculate the opening angles of the doors and allow you to place additional decor. The downside is the lack of dust protection and the ability to store only aesthetically pleasing items.
  • Ventilation box. If the layout of the kitchen is spoiled by the presence of a ledge from the ventilation duct in the corner, it can be beaten in two ways. A small box can be hidden inside the cabinets by reducing their depth and making the countertop of the appropriate shape. If the box is large, it is better to divide the corner kitchen into two segments that will adjoin it on both sides.
  • Windowsill. You can turn a window sill into a functional space by combining its area with a countertop. In this case, it can be used both as a cutting area and as a place for a multicooker and other equipment.
  • Refrigerator. There are several ways to install this piece of equipment. Built-in models are easier to fit into the interior, when they are installed, precious centimeters of space are saved, and the appearance of the kitchen becomes more holistic. A free-standing refrigerator is easier to install and gives more options for choosing the installation location. The color of the refrigerator can be either in tone with the rest of the headset, or different or even be contrasting, depending on the designer’s idea.
  • Ceiling kitchen. The modern solution is the installation of upper cabinets to the ceiling. Depending on the height of the room, such a design may have a different number of tiers, played with different facades. This solution eliminates the need to clean the top of the headset, expands the storage space and gives the furniture a modern look.
  • Kitchen-living room. The corner set in the combined kitchen looks no less advantageous than in a separate one. The corner allows you to visually separate the cooking area from the living room, and the use of additional partitions in the form of a bar or sofa will allow you to isolate it even better.

Design of a small kitchen with a corner setCorner Kitchen Design 2024: Trendy Ideas and Tips

Corner set is the perfect solution for a small kitchen. Where the length of the walls does not allow for a straight model of the desired size, L-shaped options will come to the rescue. The aspect ratio of such a kitchen is convenient to select according to the dimensions of the room. The location of the upper cabinets up to the ceiling fully compensates for the lack of storage space, partially moving inventory, utensils and appliances from the lower cabinets to the top.

An important point will be the choice of color for the corner set in a small kitchen. It is important to remember that dark shades visually reduce the space, so in most cases they are not suitable as the main color of furniture. Neutral light colors are ideal for small kitchens. White facades look great. Dark colors are best used for separate small elements, when creating contrasting accents. Additional visual volume will be given to the design by decorative lighting, and spot lighting of the cutting area will make cooking on it more convenient.

Modern fittings will help save precious space for small kitchens: retractable and roll-out storage structures that use even the most remote corners of the headset. Thanks to well-chosen solutions, the corner kitchen in Khrushchev will not yield in functionality to many more spacious options.

Corner kitchens and interior stylesCorner Kitchen Design 2024: Trendy Ideas and Tips

A corner kitchen is a truly versatile solution that harmoniously fits into absolutely any interior style. From classics and Provence to hi-tech and loft, from small to spacious private houses – in any interior, a corner kitchen can look chic. Among the trends of recent years, you can find several popular styles in which the corner kitchen will look especially advantageous.

Corner kitchen in Provence styleCorner Kitchen Design 2024: Trendy Ideas and Tips

Provence-style kitchens gravitate towards vintage solutions. Natural wood and its imitations will be a great addition to headsets in this style. Fittings, lamps and semi-antique facades, with a cozy touch of a rustic interior, make the Provence style very atmospheric and pleasing to the eye.

This style is characterized by natural light colors without bright shades, matte facades, often with the effect of aging, and straight lines, diluted with curved elements, figured cornices and milling. Corner kitchens with both straight and trapezoidal sink cabinets fit perfectly into Provence.

Corner kitchen in modern style

Unusual geometry is not alien to modern style kitchens, which is why both straight and trapezoidal and radius corner cabinets for sinks fit perfectly into them. Curved lines can also be present on the facades, for example, the radius ends of the headset.

When choosing fittings, you can pay attention to the gold color options, as well as to the fancy-shaped lamps. The variety of colors in Art Nouveau kitchens is great: most deep saturated colors, from red to blue or purple, fit perfectly into it.

Corner kitchen in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is designed to be light and fresh, preferring light colors and furniture without excessive pretentiousness. The smooth lines of this style perfectly emphasize the straight corner kitchen and the strict forms of the facades.

The texture of the Scandinavian style is usually dominated by wood, so the countertops and facades should be chosen with just such a texture – gloss in such a kitchen would be inappropriate. When choosing colors, you can focus on white and natural light shades, without excessive brightness.

High-tech corner kitchenCorner Kitchen Design 2024: Trendy Ideas and Tips

High-tech kitchens are always emphatically modern. The abundance of plastic, metal and glass will perfectly fit into such an interior, and it is better to refuse the wood texture. High-tech glossy facades are no less widespread than matte ones. The best decor for such a kitchen is modern minimalist appliances.

Color combinations in a high-tech kitchen can be very different, but most often such an interior tends to black and gray tones, although it can look very impressive in a white palette.

Corner kitchen in classic styleCorner Kitchen Design 2024: Trendy Ideas and Tips

Classic is undisguised luxury with a slight touch of antiquity. Straight facades, decorated with elegant milling, textured cornices and vintage-styled appliances create an interior worthy of a palace in the kitchen. The classic corner kitchen is more often assembled with a right angle, but there are also beveled models.

Corner kitchen in antique styleCorner Kitchen Design 2024: Trendy Ideas and Tips

The color scheme of antique kitchens is natural colors without bright shades. White options can be especially luxurious in appearance. Beige, black, gray, and even pastel blue and green colors fit perfectly into the interior.

Corner kitchen in modern styleCorner Kitchen Design 2024: Trendy Ideas and Tips

Modern style is based on a combination of simplicity and practicality of use. Its main attribute is high-quality modern fittings. The facades of such kitchens are usually straight, without bends and milling. Both matte and glossy finishes fit well into modern style. Such an interior does not like excessive decor, but it completely unties your hands when choosing a color: modern kitchens can look harmonious in almost any color.

Current trends in the design of the corner kitchenCorner Kitchen Design 2024: Trendy Ideas and Tips

The use of modern solutions will allow you to get not only practical, but also a fashionable kitchen that meets current kitchen trends 2024 in the field of interior design.

  • “Smart” storage systems. Modern solutions in the field of fittings allow you to effectively use every centimeter of the interior space of the kitchen. Swivel sections and pull-out shelves of complex shape make it possible to conveniently place inventory even in the depth of a corner cabinet, creating a truly effective storage system. Convenience is distinguished by pull-out shelves for upper cabinets, which allow you to conveniently get dishes from the upper tiers, and other modern solutions.
  • Use of a window sill. Expansion of the tabletop area due to the window sill allows you to increase the cutting area, create additional space for storing equipment or eating.
  • Refusal of the upper cabinets. One of the modern trends is corner kitchen without upper cabinets above one of the walls. There you can place a hood, open shelves for decor, or leave the wall completely empty, visually unloading the space.
  • Ceiling kitchen. Stylish and at the same time practical solution: place the upper cabinets up to the ceiling. This will not only increase storage space, but also make the interior more solid and finished.
  • High modules for vehicles. Ease of use is the most important indicator of the quality of the kitchen. Raising equipment to a level convenient for use is one of the current solutions aimed at practicality. So, for example, an oven placed at the level of the countertop is much more convenient to use than one installed under it.
  • Combination of different textures. The combination of smooth and embossed surfaces looks fresh and is one of the current trends. Stylish look, for example, smooth white facades of the upper cabinets in combination with the wood texture of the lower cabinets.

Interior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

We follow the latest trends in interior design and want to share with you the most important recommendations. These tips will help if you decide to update the living room. It is not necessary to make repairs and replace all the furniture. The room can be refreshed by painting the walls in a fashionable shade or adding original textiles and decor.Interior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

The main interior design trends in 2024 is the preservation of individuality. You can choose a natural, calm look with natural flowers and live plants. Or a bright, creative style with multi-colored rugs and unusual sculptures as decorations.

Zone of work and restInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

In recent years, our living rooms have evolved from a place of relaxation to home offices and classrooms. Therefore, zoning has become more relevant than ever. Dividing the room into zones according to functionality will allow the interior to match your multifaceted lifestyle.

It is possible to create separate spaces for work, study and rest not only with the help of physical partitions. Proper arrangement of furniture and even the use of rugs will help to highlight zones without blocking the space.

Calm interiorsInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Japandi style is the main trend of 2024 for living rooms. It organically combines oriental and western elements, minimalistic decor with a neutral palette and natural materials. Relaxing and soothing interior embodies measuredness and turns the living room into a cozy refuge.

The main idea of the style is harmony and unity with nature. Add wooden furniture, textiles made from natural fabrics, earthenware. The image will complete the blotches of greenery.

Erase the boundariesInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Another trend of 2024 that is gaining momentum is the penetration of the outside world into the house. Increasingly, live plants are used to decorate the living room. People are more at home, and houseplants can provide some peace of mind. These can be unpretentious succulents or ficuses and monsters with large leaves. Growing flowers could be your new hobby.

Color of the yearInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Dulux is inspired by the blue sky. This shade can be called calm, but at the same time it is not devoid of life and energy, unlike traditional beige and light gray colors. “Right now, people want to feel renewed and enjoy the freedoms that are returning to them, to see and bring new ideas. What could be better than the endless sky around us?”

Layered LightingInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Designers suggest paying more attention to lighting in the living room. If you’re only using overhead lighting, try diversifying the atmosphere with a few lights. They will help create soft atmospheric lighting in the evening. In addition, lamps can become decorative elements that work during daylight hours.

Soft colorsInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Neutral tones are still considered the base for 2024 trends. The living room appreciates the calm, relaxed atmosphere that a clean nude palette provides. Natural textures – wood, rattan, woven jute, and natural shades, such as terracotta and sand, create a natural environment in which it is easy to escape from everyday life and relax.

Bright velvetInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Luxurious velvet is an excellent upholstery fabric that fits into both classic and modern interiors. In the new season, bright upholstery is in trend, so a deep-colored velvet sofa is the best choice for a living room. But if you’re not ready to take that drastic step, a velvet cocktail chair or a glamorous velvet lamp shade is a smart compromise.

CarpetsInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

A rug or rug will not only make the floor warmer, but also add color to a room or help define a space. The latter is especially true for open-plan apartments and spacious rooms. Opt for bold, oversized prints with vibrant patterns or solid colors to create a focal point in the room.

Green is the color of lifeInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Green living rooms are in trend 2024. Green furniture, green walls, green decor – this bright and rich color rules the ball. It is associated with tranquility, nature, and literally becomes a breath of fresh air. Green will create an atmosphere of comfort in your living space. Choose luxurious deep shades of emerald and tropical greens. The effect will be enhanced by blotches of brown, yellow and red.

Add textureInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Boucle fabric has become a trend in 2023 and continues to gain popularity. Are you ready for the boucle sofa? Take the first step by purchasing a beautifully textured pillow. When choosing bouclé fabrics, it is important not to forget about contrasts. A simple wooden table can balance a glamorous vibe, while a textured bouclé pillow looks best paired with a smooth satin one.

Mix and experimentInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

The most important thing in interior design 2024 is individuality. You don’t have to do a major renovation to create the living room of your dreams. Carefully selected accessories will make your living room unique.