Bathroom Trends 2025

Bathroom Trends 2021It’s been a new year now and it’s time to bring you up to date on the latest bathroom trends for 2025. These continue to follow the triumvirate of naturalness, individuality and harmony. Thus, highly complex applications of the smart home, which, incidentally, continues to spread more and more in our lives every day, are based on natural materials of organic origin.

Space and space are trumpsBathroom Trends 2021

While the bathroom used to be a shadowy existence in the four walls of your own home, and actually served only to wash away the filth of the day and get a decent shape in the morning, today it is one of the most important rooms in the home a place of contemplation, elegant meditation and retreat into his private life.

This process of upgrading the bathroom can, of course, be judged by the trends for Bath 2025, which tend to be open, spacious and free. Thus, sitting and lying areas take up a space that invites you to linger and relax in the wellness bath. These can be found both inside the fixed bath area, such as in the shower, as well as outside of it. The latter can be sun loungers or boudoir-like seating that transforms your own luxury bathroom into a part of the sensual realm.

The increasing abandonment of the conventional shower, which consists of a shower tray with a diameter of around 75 cm and is delimited by a sliding door, also clearly shows a trend reversal in the bathroom trends for 2025. The generous shower area, which is often designed floor-level in order not to destroy the holistically harmonious appearance, is not only due to the changing sense of space, but also the demographic situation, which calls for accessibility and easy access in the sense of maximum self-sufficiency.

Pure nature as visually striking the bathroom trends 2025Bathroom Trends 2021

Natural materials are on the rise in the bathroom. No matter how many possibilities you have with elaborate resin surfaces or other artificial materials, the diversity of nature is and remains inimitable.

Solid wood is used as well as cork, which offers exciting haptic experiences. Terracotta takes you into the exotic world of the Mediterranean baths while at the same time remembering the wonderfully sunny days in Tuscany or Menorca. These fabrics, which have long been known from the interior of the home, add a touch of liveliness to the bathroom and endow it with warmth, authenticity and authenticity. This can also be interpreted under the aspect of the “Hygge”, a living trend from Denmark, which should bring peace, simplicity and deceleration into everyday life.

Reduced design instead of extravaganceBathroom Trends 2021

In order to turn the bathroom into a place of rest, tranquility and focus on the important things in life, it is necessary to separate oneself from unimportant ones. The reduced minimalist designs of the faucets, rain showers, handles and accessories make their usual contribution to the interpretation of the bathroom 2021as a functional place that does not need to attract attention with ostentatious opulence.

Especially in the case of a comprehensive implementation of the concept of the smart home, modern bathrooms have many sensors that automatically select the right temperature and are operated remotely or with hidden sensors.

In order to preserve the pure impression of the bathroom, bathroom furniture dispenses with handles which could cause a visual interruption. The shower heads of the modern rain showers are often embedded directly in the ceiling, so as not to destroy the straightforward and clear look of the frameless shower.

The trends for the bathroom 2025Bathroom Trends 2021

Bathroom trends 2025 or even the trends for the bathroom 2025. The year will now come to an end in a few days, and for me as a successful interior designer and renowned designer, it’s time to look back and review the most distinctive bathroom trends in 2020 before looking at the bathroom trends for 2025. There was much that will accompany us in the coming year: for example, digitization and the smart home will remain with us in 2025 and conquer new peaks in our lives.

Intelligent building technology in the bathroom – Integrate your favorite music and an atmospheric light ambience according to your wishes into your bath program or use the possibility to adapt the lighting design to your own needs. To have the movie always in the right view. Yes, these are Bathroom trends 2025

Bathroom Trends 2025: A bathroom planner from Hamburg on the current bathroom trends

Discover the new bathroom trends for 2025 by the designer Torsten Müller from Bad Honnef near Cologne Bonn Be it multimedia or digitization right up to lighting concepts – today, a lot is already controlled by mobile phone. How to do that you will learn from the professional

Trend highlights in the bathroom and private spa at the IMM Cologne 2025

The most beautiful baths 2020: A look backBathroom Trends 2021

Whether the Bathroom trends 2025 will come again in natural stone look will show up at the Cersaie in Bologna it was shown again. The ceramics are no longer different from natural stone. In any case, it was a bad trend in 2020

The most important bathroom trend of the past year was under the motto ” Back to nature “. Brilliantly polished and carefully sealed surfaces made of natural wood brought warmth and comfort to the luxury bathrooms in Germany. These sustainable approaches were accompanied by other natural materials: Natural stone played a very special role, as it contributes to the individual bathroom design like no other material.

With the right planner, there are also bathtubs that shine.

Whole walls of slate or granite made simple showers into real objects of desire, such as those found in sophisticated spas and hotel wellness oases. The natural theme was flanked by sisal, linen and bamboo, which were used in the accessories.

2025 bathrooms will be renovatedBathroom Trends 2021

Here is the study by Houzz  about the BATHROOM TRENDS in GERMANY for download

Spa trends – well-being at the highest levelThe courage for openness will come even more into focus in the Bathroom trends 2025.

Another trend that came in very personal terms was the change in customer perceptions and their desire to make the bathroom part of the home. Flowing transitions between bedroom and bathroom are now no longer extravagance, but have arrived in the middle of society. The designs of the freestanding baths brought even more individuality into the design of the rooms. Rounded, angular or rose-colored metal – there were no limits to the imagination.

Bathroom Trends 2025: The company Axor shows a current trend for bathing for 2025

Bathroom Trends 2025: The roomBathroom Trends 2021

The bathroom will be looked at with different eyes in 2025. The fear to intervene in the building fabric is becoming ever smaller and so practical niches in the shower or over the sink can be created, which serve as shelves. With its own lighting from the inside, exciting accents will also be created in the bathroom in 2025.

Yes, tiles can now look just like natural stone and without the very high costs such as the popular Carrara marble. This white natural stone is one of the best known marbles worldwide. Not for nothing Carrara marble : the white gold of Italy.

The wall coverings and the floor of the bathroom unfortunately looks the same today with most Germans: tiles, tiles, tiles. This arbitrary interchangeable scenery is not in my eyes a luxurious dream of feel-good bathroom. That’s why I’m particularly pleased that one of the most important bathroom trends in 2025 is going towards bathroom wallpaper.

What to consider in a bathroom planning of bathrooms smaller than 4sqm.

This can take a certain wall and create an exciting eye-catcher or wrap the entire bathroom in a dream of fabric, color and style and thus transform the bathroom into an equal room in the house association. Today, bathroom wallpapers are available in all conceivable designs, colors and styles. The technical properties have been perfected so that even a permanent wetting with water, such as under the shower, the wet room wallpaper can not harm.

Many wallpaper manufacturers now also apply special wallpaper to the bathroom. Because manufacturers like Wall & Deco, for example, use the WET SYSTEM wallcovering GLAMORA   Londonart or Inkiostro bianco  to produce nonwoven and vinyl wallpapers that are water-resistant and therefore certainly belong to the bathroom trends of 2025. You can find more here: Wallpaper in the bathroom – wallpapers as a creative alternative to tiles

Bathroom planning 2025 with renowned experts from Cologne BonnBathroom Trends 2021

As far as the floor is concerned, the marble look is more in demand than ever. At many fairs, there were jointless floors made of huge marble slabs, which belong to one of the smaller bathroom trends of 2025. The diverse patterns drawn by nature radiate style, nobility and elegance. In addition, you bring a lively accent in a minimalist designed bathroom, which is loosened up by the ever varying grain and the fascinating inclusions in natural stone.

Bathroom trends 2025 will inspire youBathroom Trends 2021

Another exciting trend for the bathroom 2025 are the tiles in wooden plank look. It almost seems as if the light parquet extends from the living room to the shower and harmoniously integrates it into the living area. This approach makes the luxury bathrooms more genuine, warmer and more natural. In addition, the architectural designs are reminiscent of Asian spas in Bali or Thailand, whose floors are covered with bamboo flooring.

Whether that will be a great bathing trend In 2025, the new TOTO bathtub will be shown at the ISH 2020 trade fair

Bathroom Trends 2025: The decorBathroom Trends 2021

While until a few years ago, a bubble bath in the spacious bathtub was considered the absolute non plus ultra, the focus has recently shifted to the shower. The former monster with opaque frosted glass has become a high-tech design object.

  • This is almost unrecognizable: The white shower tray gave way to the floor level access, which not only serves the holistic aesthetics, but also follows the trend towards a barrier-free bathroom. The fully transparent glass doors are virtually invisible, making the bathroom 2025 particularly generous, even when implemented in a few square meters. Also, the movement space is increased by the floor-level showers by a continuous floor surface is created without joints. A safe entry without tripping is guaranteed.
  • While the former shower cubicles just left enough room to turn around, the modern showers are real feel-good rooms in small format. Here you can not only start the day optimistically under the invigorating rain shower, but also after work on the pleasantly warm stone bench under a warm Relax summer rain or switch on the sauna function and relax after a long winter walk in soothing steam. Technical extras that incorporate music, light and fragrance into the cleaning ritual under the shower allow even something as banal as turning a morning shower into an incomparable experience that inspires you for the rest of the day.

Bathroom Trends 2025: The Accessories

A look into the past is one of the most obvious trends for the Bathroom 2025. Vintage-style washbasins inspire and revive the stylistic certainty of centuries past. The pipes were visible to many manufacturers – clad in shiny steel, they look attractive as eye-catchers, especially in the guest bathroom. The bathroom furniture will also take on a retro accent in 2025: brass is just as much a topic as colonial influences that are reminiscent of the huge oases of well-being in Africa or South America. In addition, there are many echoes of the wild 70sto observe. Brilliant colors reminiscent of liquid vinyl, filigree lines and soft forms show stylish reminiscences of the psychodelic facilities of the time of Flower Power.

The idea of a Smart Home 2025 will take on futuristic traits next year. Technical functions and multimedia elements are gaining space in the bathroom as well, but they do not cause stress because of their constant accessibility, but are specifically used to relax and facilitate everyday life. The favorite music streams out of invisibly built-in speakers, the light can be adapted to the individual mood by means of the smartphone, while the LED lighting on the mirror with anti-fog effect and emotion function lets the day start smartly and effectively according to your wishes.

Wireless charging stations complete the complete program, which optimally fits into your tight daily routine. With a professionally composed light therapy, the appropriate sound effects and a skilful water massage, you can look forward to a very special program in the coming year after the end of the successful working day.

My favorite ideas for bathroom design 2025Bathroom Trends 2021

The individual bathroom trends increasingly influence the idea of customizing. This makes it possible to refine the surfaces as desired and thus create a private bathroom that can not be compared to any other. This access also matches my taste, because the most beautiful bathrooms 2025 arise when they fit perfectly with their owners and they feel comfortable in it.

Tips for bathroom planning 2025 by the expert team around Torsten Müller from Bad Honnef near Cologne Bonn

With seating, furniture consoles and the return of the make-up table, the return of the boudoir will come next year. Feminine forms, subdued light and feminine accents bring femininity to life and lush chaise longues create a sensual atmosphere.Bathroom Trends 2021

In 2025, showers will serve not only for cleaning, but also for health. For example, at ISH 2020, my partner Dornbracht presented a shower called aquapressure that further developed the approach of traditional Chinese medicine so that it now finds its way into the bathroom. The Sensory Skyy also supports mental health through the programmed programs developed in collaboration with physical therapists and sports physicians to enhance well-being.

In the lighting, which is one of my favorite stages in the establishment of a bathroom is more than ever dispensed with direct light sources and spots, let the ugly shadow produced on the face. Instead, indirectrecessed luminaires are used, which allow a soft illumination of the room without disturbing it – one of the bathroom trends of 2025 with the most like.

Of course, the individual wishes are included in the planning of the most beautiful bathrooms in 2025 – atmospheric light, which directly affects the mood, the vitality and the relaxation, is integrated into the bathroom concept 2025 in a natural, unobtrusive way.

Be inspired by the trends presented for the bathroom 2025 and watch me as I implement and individualize this coming year. On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I am always happy to receive your suggestions, opinions and wishes about my current projects.

Until then – a relaxed start to the year 2025!

Backlit glass or cloth will certainly determine the bathroom trends for 2025.

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