Beautiful Kitchen Interior Designs and Trends 2025

Beautiful kitchen interior trends 2021A beautiful kitchen with an exclusive interior will easily turn from a dream into a reality, if you entrust its creation to professionals. But what colors and styles are most popular today? Which layout is better to choose: linear, angular or with an island? And what decoration techniques are relevant in the design of the kitchen trends 2025?

The most beautiful cuisines from our portfolio

The color scheme in shades of creme brulee, metallic leather, light marble – this beautiful art deco kitchen is truly delighted. Its U-shaped layout is very ergonomic, and a functional island in the center perfectly organizes the space.

Saturated coffee and chocolate shades, marble floor, crystal chandelier, chairs with velor upholstery … Every detail in the interior of the designer kitchen on Bolshaya Pirogovskaya speaks of the luxury and good taste of the owners.

White gloss, mirrors and gilded decor turn the art-deco-style kitchen into the Faces LCD into a fashionable salon. A spectacular shelving unit in the dining area contributes to the creation of such an impression. A fireplace gives a special atmosphere of comfort.

Intricate stucco decoration and recognizable aesthetics of paneled facades imitating boiserie panels are a triumph of nobleness and aristocracy in the Baroque style. And the white and gold palette with the addition of pistachio color makes the atmosphere festive.

In the interior of a beautiful kitchen in the Art Residence residential complex, an apron and countertop made of unique colored marble confidently solo. And the center of the room with an original bar counter, experts emphasized with designer chandeliers and a stone carpet.

How much does a luxury kitchen cost?

There is an opinion that designer kitchen is too expensive a pleasure and it is better to give preference to a ready-made solution by buying the kitchen of one of the famous Italian manufacturers, for example:

But furniture, created on an individual project and fits perfectly into the atmosphere of an apartment or house, can cost no more than a brand-name one. Interior designer has a direct contract with the factory, so when ordering a project at the Elite Interior Studio you have a unique opportunity to get an exclusive kitchen at the price of a ready-made set.

How much is the interior design?

The shortest way to the dream kitchen is an individual design project, which will take into account all the wishes of the hostess (style, color, layout, equipment) and, of course, the technical features of the room. Prices for designer services start at 2500 rubles. per square meter and involve the preparation of technical documentation, specifications for furniture and visualization of the future interior.

Depending on the selected package, Studio specialists will prepare visualizations in one, two or 3-4 interior styles and several furniture layout plans. And the customers who ordered the 5-star design project will also receive a 3D panorama of the interior as a gift.

Fashionable styles of interiors of luxury kitchens

The luxury kitchen can be decorated in both classic and modern style. Each style has its own spectacular features, which is clearly seen in the example of exclusive interiors created by arkamebel.

Modern style

A linear kitchen with solid wood facades is an excellent solution when it comes to the loft, and the furniture will be placed in a niche. A partition of transparent tempered glass in such a kitchen will play the role of a kind of display case.

For the Art Nouveau style, strict geometric shapes and exclusive materials are relevant. As accent details in such an interior, it is better to use the original pair of designer chandeliers.

Clean lines and natural materials (solid wood veneer and veneer, marble, onyx) are an excellent basis for the design of a modern kitchen. And multi-level ceiling structures and complex functional light will help to add space to the volume.

The combination of light wood, ceramic tiles in the Nordic range and transparent glass is an option for fans of minimalism. Deaf furniture facades look like wall decoration, and several open shelves bring notes of home comfort to the atmosphere.

Gloss, chrome and LEDs – a small kitchen in Zelenograd can rightfully be called an example of trendy design. Strict, almost ascetic, it captivates with excellent ergonomics and a stylish layout. .

In the photo: Beautiful spacious kitchen in the KP “Idyll”

The semantic center of the kitchen in the photo is a semicircular island with a supporting column. Designers emphasized this area with an exclusive lamp with crystal shades in the shape of champagne glasses from the time of Marie Antoinette.

You can give the kitchen a special charm in many ways, for example, using fashionable furniture with glossy facades of a deep chocolate shade and a unique handmade chandelier.

The light top and dark bottom in the same color scheme are the new classics of 2025. Such a solution visually facilitates the interior of the kitchen with massive furniture and looks very original.

Grace and lightness – these are the words that can characterize the design of the kitchen at Mosfilmovskaya. And the landmark details in the photo were spectacular bar stools with wine-colored upholstery on thin black legs.

Classic and neoclassical

The noble classic style exists timelessly and is especially good in details: graceful gypsum stucco molding, complicated layout on the facades of light furniture, chairs with a carriage screed.

White kitchen with lavender details in the residential complex “Breath” combines the features of neoclassicism and art deco. The combination of embossed cornice in the upper part of the cabinets with modern fittings gives an interesting effect, and the hood is hidden behind an elegant mirror panel.

Beautiful cuisine in the Renaissance Park commercial center is an example of absolute harmony. Creamy and milky shades expand the space, and the island bar counter with a built-in wine cabinet expands the functionality.

Fashionable and beautiful colors

In 2025, designers refused to use such colors in the design of kitchens as:

* Violet;

* bright orange;

* fiery red.

They were replaced by more complex and eye-pleasing color combinations:

* exquisite cream and milk shades;

* urban gray color scheme;

* noble beige, lavender, mint and olive tones.

Modern kitchens

The color of the stylish kitchen in the photo contains all the fashionable shades – their combination creates harmony and looks very organic. A chic atmosphere add mirrors.

The dominant white color with the addition of a truffle hue – this solution is ideal for a fashionable loft. A highlight of the situation can be a bright detail, for example, a pair of dining chairs with upholstery in sky blue.

Black and white script is a favorite of modern cuisine. And to make the space look as original as possible, it is better to combine smooth facades with embossed ones and complement the ensemble with blue LED lighting.

Neutral gray and white gamma with the addition of light wood is the best choice for a minimalist kitchen-living room. It gives a feeling of proximity to nature, does not tire the eye and gives comfort.

Furniture and finishes in shades of latte and chocolate are a wonderful setting for modern crystal lamps, emphasizing the luxury of the interior and the sophistication of light marble countertops.

Art deco style

Milk-cream mix with the addition of olive details looks fresh and is actively included in the game of textures. And the chosen concept is supported by a unique onyx decorative panel in the TV zone.

Dreaming of an exclusive cuisine? Complete the atmosphere with an original art object, but always functional. A great example of such an object is a bar counter made of granite and onyx with LED backlight.

The highlight of the kitchen in the villa in Spain, decorated in shades of latte, are brass moldings that adorn all the details of the interior. They give European chic decor and emphasize the retro design of furniture.

For a small kitchen, which is part of a multifunctional living room, it is better to choose light shades, similar in tone to the decoration of the walls. At the same time, furniture with combined facades will be more interesting and easy to look: blind and glazed.

Neoclassical style

Conciseness, clean lines and symmetry – these are the three “whales” on which the design of a bright kitchen in a country house in Ingushetia is built. There is nothing superfluous, and washing by the window is a pleasant bonus for the hostess.

The recipe for an ideal kitchen in the neoclassical style: complex relief decoration, strict geometry and delicate colors. And to add a grace to the setting, you can integrate a palace crystal chandelier and textiles with beautiful drapery into it.

The compact island with a high “wing” in the white kitchen in the photo is at the same time a serving table, a storage system and a bar counter for two seats. It is made in the color of the kitchen and fits perfectly into the space.

Beautiful corner kitchens

L-shaped layout is one of the most popular, so there are a lot of corner kitchen projects in the Portfolio of Studio. Below are photos of the most beautiful interiors with corner furniture.

A small corner kitchen in bright colors solves all the tasks the hostess needs. A linear bar counter with a rounded countertop is not only a place for breakfast and a coffee break, but also a spectacular space divider.

A corner kitchen with a frosty look and a luxurious apron made of expensive marble play the role of a backdrop for a stylish dining area. In a spacious room in the LCD “Symphony of Embankments” it occupies a central place and is a place of attraction for the owners of the house and their friends.

White glossy kitchen facades in Setun Valley LCD look easy and do not overload the space. The most expressive details in this setting are the apron made of marble of the Emperador Dark variety and the work surface, the continuation of which is a narrow bar counter.

Laconic in design, but very functional corner kitchen in the LCD “Tricolor” needs a suitable “companion”. The optimal choice in this case is a small rectangular island with decorative chrome legs.

The two-level island bar counter of complex shape with blue highlighting looks like a work of art. It fits perfectly into the design of the kitchen with an elegant floor and an apron made of exclusive colored marble.

How to make a beautiful repair in the kitchen?

To realize your dream of a beautiful and fashionable elite cuisine, you need to take only three steps:

  1. Gather a collection of your favorite interiors.
  2. Choose a creative and experienced designer.
  3. Decide on a budget and order a design project with a full package of technical documentation for repair.

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