How to Decorate the Double Bed Wall with Headboards

Double Bed Wall with Headboards IdeasIs it hard for you to decide on a headboard for your bed? Maybe, with the models that are in the stores, you look a little limited by trends and fashions. But… there are many ideas for original headers that you could make yourself!

Throughout this article we will give dozens of ideas for bedroom headboards, along with some recommendations and tips to make it spectacular! Ready? Let’s go…!

Wooden boards

Do you really like rustic? Well, we present a rustic design headboard that you can make yourself with wooden boards! You just have to join them and place them evenly, so that the sides are not so straight. You can do it with both horizontal and vertical tables.

A minimalist designDouble Bed Wall with Headboards Ideas

Have you opted for a Nordic decoration? Minimalist? Contemporary ?! This is the headboard that will hit the most with the decoration of your room. You can put a simple white wooden board.

But, that would be very bland, right? Then buy some adhesive wood sheets and stick them along the entire headboard. On the one hand, you will have the characteristic touch of minimalist design, while introducing the rustic style.

Worn woods

Do you like the look of wood when it has a worn tone? Great! Because there is a very attractive option for a headboard: buy one of worn-looking wood.

Or, if you want to save some money, you can buy some wooden planks, more or less the size of your bed, paint them, treat them with some liquid that makes it look older and… woalá! You just have to hang the timbers on the wall and that’s it.

Classic upholstery

Upholstery never goes out of style in the world of headboards, and for modern and contemporary rooms it suits you to introduce a vintage element. And for the chic rooms? They are luxurious!

An upholstery of flowers, animals, geometric shapes… try to be as original as possible when choosing a headboard of this style!

A headboard consisting of several pieces?

Are you a patient person? And perfectionist? This is the headboard for you! It can be with small quilted pieces, of wood or stone… distribute them on the headboard wall forming one with the shape that you like the most. Ideal for people looking for something to take a risk in decorating their home!

Restore an old headboard

Did you have a relative in the field who had an old headboard? You already have the ideal piece to bring character to your bedroom! You will only need a little work to restore it. No, you don’t have to leave it as new, just polish a few details… and you’ll have a headboard for your home!

With an extra touch

Do you remember that at the beginning we told you that you could put a headboard made of wooden boards? Well you can give it a special touch! In the roof area you can put a row, which simulates that it is a branch, with small light bulbs. Ideal to get a fabulous decoration!

And just put a bed?

Do not be fooled! A headboard does not have to be a piece, but anything you put on the wall on which you rest your head. Do you like simple and minimalist decorations ? Put a shelf on the bed with beautiful bright flower-shaped lights! It will give a very romantic touch!

Wood sticksDouble Bed Wall with Headboards Ideas

No, we are not kidding you. Looking for an original idea for a headboard for the bed? What can be more original than a headboard formed by sticks? Wooden sticks, reeds, bamboo… You will see how it looks very original and gives a Nordic and rustic touch to the decoration of your bedroom!

A curtain as a headboard?

Are you completely sure that you will not put any pictures in the area of the headboard of the bed? Then cover the entire wall by a curtain that fits under the bed mattress ! If you want to give it a more special touch, it can be a light curtain to create a little romance at night.

Use the window as a headboard?

Is your bedroom narrow? Your children’s room? The guest room? Well, we are going to give you an economical solution to have an original headboard: use the window ! Place the bed just under the window, with a couple of shelves on each side to put some books and decorative objects. An option, beautiful and cheap!

Give the headboard a personal touch

Like, after buying the headboard, you don’t feel it as completely yours. Does that happen to you There is a simple solution: give it a personal touch. For example, if it is a wooden plank headboard, you give it a coat of paint and, apart, sign your name. More personal impossible!

If it is for a nursery, together with them you can paint animals and a kind of forest. And then sign it with your name! Or buy a headboard that has the initials of each.

Different wood stylesDouble Bed Wall with Headboards Ideas

What if you bet on something striking by combining different types of wooden planks in the headboard? Or that each piece is a color? Or have a different type of wear? Nothing brings more character to the decoration of a bedroom than that!

A headboard formed by shelves

Exactly this style does not consist of putting shelves in the headboard area. Rather that area can be used to put a picture or something decorative that is striking. Then, on each side of the bed, two huge shelves will be lifted together by an open suspended furniture. Ideal for small rooms!

How about patterned paper?

Did you want an original idea for a headboard for the bedroom room? It can be upholstered with patterned paper, with different drawings or include a text with a letter style that is impossible to read, as well as illustrations… for example with photographs of New York or the popular London headboards!

A box of lights

Do you like that at night there is a little light in your room? How about putting a picture of lights as the headboard of your bed? A romantic and perfect idea for those who like to relax watching the reflection of light through the walls of the room.

A combination of upholstered squares

What can be more original than combining a series of squares upholstered in different shades and with different shapes ? A totally eclectic decoration for your bedroom! Mix colors, styles, textures… it will be ideal!

Form a headboard with photographs

What for some may be a simple collage, for you it can be a dream headboard. Cover the wall with wood (or a wallpaper that simulates wood) and place as many photographs as necessary to make a beautiful headboard over your heads. Isn’t it the best decorative option for your room?

Use palletsDouble Bed Wall with Headboards Ideas

It’s amazing how many ways to reuse pallets, right? They can also be reused to make a simple headboard. If you combine it with a larger pallet that fulfills the function of box spring, it will be perfect!

Place some plants that fall

Are you interested in putting some vegetation in your bedroom, but you can’t find the place? The headboard can be perfect! If you cover the wall with a wood, you can put some plants or flowers that fall towards your head. Ideally, they should be made of plastic, but if you think you’re going to take good care of them, then make them authentic.

Reuse windows

Do you have old windows at home that you recently changed? Do not throw them! You can reuse part of these, for example, the area of wood with planks forming pictures that were on the glass, to make a unique and original headboard. If others fit, why not you?

Old rustic doors…

If old windows can be reused, why can’t the same be done with old rustic doors? These large and old farmhouse and country house doors that cost so much to open… are an ideal accessory to put as headboard on your bed!


Who said that the headboard has to be something that is attached to the wall? A dresser can also serve as a headboard! Buy one of a height greater than the bed, so you can put a lot of accessories on the table.

And for the wall? Well you can cover it with wallpaper, place shelves, a huge picture to make it a remarkable decorative piece in your bedroom…


The headboard you are looking for is for your children’s room? This idea for a children’s headboard you will love! It’s about shaping a little house. The little house will cover the area of the head, and inside you could have a small shelf to put some books, your favorite toys… and even a small spotlight to illuminate you at night!

Make a headboard with oarsDouble Bed Wall with Headboards Ideas

Do you really like nautical decoration and want to express it in your bedroom? Buy a handful of oars and put them on the wall! As with the use of sticks, a very impressive and fabulous visual effect is achieved. Few options will surpass this one!

How about a headboard to change and customize it every day?

Are you one of those who immediately gets tired of what you have in the room and, in addition, who likes to express something? Well here you have a very original idea for a headboard: put a blackboard. Indeed, a blackboard. Cover the wall with slate, and so every day, you can change the decoration of your headboard with colorful and striking drawings.

The classic capitoné headboard

Do you like the classic? And also, do you want to give a vintage touch to the decoration of your home? We recommend you find a capitoné headboard. A design that looks great at ground level and hung on the wall. To your personal taste!

A carpet

Do you like to decorate the walls of your house with simple things and that, of course, do not cost much money? Then put a carpet that serves as a headboard! You can hang it on the wall, sticking it or nails, to make sure it does not fall, or hang a bar that runs along the bed from one end to the other and hang it on it.

For some it may be a slightly vague and even very rudimentary technique. But, once it’s placed, you won’t regret having made that decision!


Perhaps it is a bit risky idea, especially if you are a person to give yourself a lot of headers. But aesthetically? It is one of the best options that you can use when decorating your bedroom with headboards.

You can put the mirrors on the mattress of the bed or that they reach from the floor to the ceiling. Of course, do not put more than three, because then the space will be a little reloaded by the reflection.

Reuse your old screen

Do you have a screen at home that you no longer use? Well, we’re going to give you a great idea to take advantage of it: turn it into a headboard! Display it and hang it on the wall. If it has a colorful design, everyone will notice it when they enter to see your bedroom.

Iron headboardDouble Bed Wall with Headboards Ideas

How about going back a bit to the past by putting a headboard with iron bars? The upper part may have some curve, and make it appear that the headboard becomes larger as it approaches the center. Or with an irregular design… ideal for those who like bedrooms with a light vintage touch!

Formed by books

No, your eyes are not cheating on you. Have you ever thought about making a headboard made up of books? Open a few books, stick them well to the wall, and so every day you will be able to read your favorite passages… it is a very economical and original solution!

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