How to visually increase the height of the ceiling?

How to visually increase the height of the ceilingA low ceiling in an apartment or house creates an uncomfortable oppressive atmosphere, visually making the room smaller. However, with the help of certain design techniques, you can visually increase the height of the room and add freedom and lightness to the home interior.

Ceiling finishHow to visually increase the height of the ceiling

The ideal solution to visually increase the height of the room is to install a glossy stretch ceiling in white or light colors. It is gloss that has a reflective ability that creates the necessary multidimensional effect and visually enlarges and expands the ceiling. You can also use white glossy or semi-gloss paint to finish the low ceiling. Another effective way is to cover the ceiling and walls with the same color finish, which allows you to create a single boundless space. In any case, the color of the ceiling should be lighter than the color of the wall finishes.

ChandelierHow to visually increase the height of the ceiling

A large pendant chandelier is a taboo for rooms with a low ceiling, as it visually makes the ceiling even lower. Therefore, designers recommend paying attention to minimalistic models adjacent to the ceiling, tablet chandeliers, built-in spotlights or LED strip around the perimeter of the room. They will help to cope with the task – to make the room higher – sconces and floor lamps with light directed upwards.

MirrorsHow to visually increase the height of the ceiling

The use of mirror surfaces in interior decoration allows you to hide or correct the shortcomings of the layout and design. To correct the height of the walls and ceiling, you can use several vertical full-length mirror paintings on the walls. This technique not only makes the ceiling visually higher, but also expands the space due to the reflective property of the mirrors. Designers also recommend using mirror elements in furniture and furniture facades. Also, finishing the ceiling with mirror tiles will help to correct the visual perception of a low room.

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MinimalismHow to visually increase the height of the ceiling

In small houses and apartments, including those with low ceilings, it is very important to follow the principles of minimalism, to keep order and a sense of proportion. What does it mean? This means that you need to choose only the necessary furniture, do not clutter up the living space with all sorts of unnecessary decor items, numerous shelves, cabinets, boxes, and unnecessary trash. Recommended for use in the interior design of a room with a low ceiling are light shades of finishing materials, built-in furniture structures and transformers, and the maximum use of storage systems. Another important nuance is maintaining order in the room to create an atmosphere of cleanliness, neatness and spaciousness.

DoorsHow to visually increase the height of the ceiling

A low doorway only exacerbates the situation with a low ceiling, while creating a visually unfavorable environment. Therefore, if technically this can be done, it is recommended to increase the height of the doorway. You can “build up” an interior door by building a glass window on its upper border. Such a window allows you to increase the height of the ceiling, make the room brighter and more spacious. Sometimes this window is effectively decorated and used as a stylish accent in the interior. If the layout of the apartment allows, you can completely remove the interior doors, transforming them into high plasterboard arches.

Vertical design elementsHow to visually increase the height of the ceiling

The presence of contrasting vertical lines and stripes in the interior design helps to visually lengthen the low ceiling in the room. This technique is easily implemented with the help of wallpaper in a thin and contrasting stripe or with a vertical pattern (vegetative patterns, ornaments, weaving, etc.), it is possible to paint the wall surfaces in the form of stripes. Also, quite often in certain interior styles, columns are made of various finishing materials, which also cope with a visual increase in the height of the walls and ceiling.

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FurnitureHow to visually increase the height of the ceiling

In the event that the apartment has a low ceiling, it is recommended to choose furniture that is either very high, almost to the ceiling, or very low, which will allow you to adjust the perception of the whole picture in favor of increasing the height of the ceiling. For example, a combination of high and narrow furniture cabinets with low, squat upholstered furniture would be an excellent solution. No less spectacular and harmonious will be the choice in favor of stylish low furniture designs and the most ergonomic soft corners or sofas. By the way, do not forget about the significance and influence on the overall perception of the interior of floor and carpeting. It is better to use light shades and short pile carpets.

Window textileHow to visually increase the height of the ceiling

With a visual increase in the height of the room, window textiles do an excellent job. It is quite logical that the curtains in this case must necessarily have such characteristics as a light shade of material, flowing fabric, more than sufficient length to the floor or a little with an allowance, a simple model without multi-layered and pompous draperies. The question of the correct and successful location of the cornice is also important: it is best to attach it just under the ceiling or use a special ceiling cornice.

DecorHow to visually increase the height of the ceiling

The main underlying principles for choosing decor for rooms with low ceilings are vertical orientation and minimalism. There should be little decor, it is advisable to use wall views more, which will save space as much as possible. If, nevertheless, table and floor options are used, they should be strictly vertical and narrow enough, for example, sophisticated tall vases on the table and floor. Add volume, and hence height, 3D wallpaper with an incredible multidimensional effect that visually expands the living space.

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In modern interior design, a huge number of effective methods, techniques, life hacks have been developed and tested to correct the shortcomings of the premises and shift the focus towards beneficial advantages.

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