Interior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

We follow the latest trends in interior design and want to share with you the most important recommendations. These tips will help if you decide to update the living room. It is not necessary to make repairs and replace all the furniture. The room can be refreshed by painting the walls in a fashionable shade or adding original textiles and decor.Interior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

The main interior design trends in 2024 is the preservation of individuality. You can choose a natural, calm look with natural flowers and live plants. Or a bright, creative style with multi-colored rugs and unusual sculptures as decorations.

Zone of work and restInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

In recent years, our living rooms have evolved from a place of relaxation to home offices and classrooms. Therefore, zoning has become more relevant than ever. Dividing the room into zones according to functionality will allow the interior to match your multifaceted lifestyle.

It is possible to create separate spaces for work, study and rest not only with the help of physical partitions. Proper arrangement of furniture and even the use of rugs will help to highlight zones without blocking the space.

Calm interiorsInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Japandi style is the main trend of 2024 for living rooms. It organically combines oriental and western elements, minimalistic decor with a neutral palette and natural materials. Relaxing and soothing interior embodies measuredness and turns the living room into a cozy refuge.

The main idea of the style is harmony and unity with nature. Add wooden furniture, textiles made from natural fabrics, earthenware. The image will complete the blotches of greenery.

Erase the boundariesInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Another trend of 2024 that is gaining momentum is the penetration of the outside world into the house. Increasingly, live plants are used to decorate the living room. People are more at home, and houseplants can provide some peace of mind. These can be unpretentious succulents or ficuses and monsters with large leaves. Growing flowers could be your new hobby.

Color of the yearInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Dulux is inspired by the blue sky. This shade can be called calm, but at the same time it is not devoid of life and energy, unlike traditional beige and light gray colors. “Right now, people want to feel renewed and enjoy the freedoms that are returning to them, to see and bring new ideas. What could be better than the endless sky around us?”

Layered LightingInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Designers suggest paying more attention to lighting in the living room. If you’re only using overhead lighting, try diversifying the atmosphere with a few lights. They will help create soft atmospheric lighting in the evening. In addition, lamps can become decorative elements that work during daylight hours.

Soft colorsInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Neutral tones are still considered the base for 2024 trends. The living room appreciates the calm, relaxed atmosphere that a clean nude palette provides. Natural textures – wood, rattan, woven jute, and natural shades, such as terracotta and sand, create a natural environment in which it is easy to escape from everyday life and relax.

Bright velvetInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Luxurious velvet is an excellent upholstery fabric that fits into both classic and modern interiors. In the new season, bright upholstery is in trend, so a deep-colored velvet sofa is the best choice for a living room. But if you’re not ready to take that drastic step, a velvet cocktail chair or a glamorous velvet lamp shade is a smart compromise.

CarpetsInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

A rug or rug will not only make the floor warmer, but also add color to a room or help define a space. The latter is especially true for open-plan apartments and spacious rooms. Opt for bold, oversized prints with vibrant patterns or solid colors to create a focal point in the room.

Green is the color of lifeInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Green living rooms are in trend 2024. Green furniture, green walls, green decor – this bright and rich color rules the ball. It is associated with tranquility, nature, and literally becomes a breath of fresh air. Green will create an atmosphere of comfort in your living space. Choose luxurious deep shades of emerald and tropical greens. The effect will be enhanced by blotches of brown, yellow and red.

Add textureInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

Boucle fabric has become a trend in 2023 and continues to gain popularity. Are you ready for the boucle sofa? Take the first step by purchasing a beautifully textured pillow. When choosing bouclé fabrics, it is important not to forget about contrasts. A simple wooden table can balance a glamorous vibe, while a textured bouclé pillow looks best paired with a smooth satin one.

Mix and experimentInterior Design Trends 2024: Living Room

The most important thing in interior design 2024 is individuality. You don’t have to do a major renovation to create the living room of your dreams. Carefully selected accessories will make your living room unique.

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