Kitchen Curtains 2025 – Latest trends in window design

Kitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window designThe kitchen has long been considered one of the most comfortable rooms in the house. This is where the whole family gathers for dinner or breakfast. Therefore, it is so important to take care not only of the functional filling of the room, but also of the decor elements. Today we will touch on the topic of textiles, namely kitchen curtains.

How to choose the right material? What type of curtains is suitable for the kitchen space? What options are combined with one or another style direction of the room? What shades and textures are most relevant in kitchen curtains 2025? More about this later in the article.

Latest trends in the design of kitchen curtainsKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

Today it is very difficult to determine the type, shade and material of the kitchen curtains. The fact is that modern manufacturers offer such a huge selection of different models of textiles for windows that any customer can quickly get confused. So let’s take a closer look at exactly what are the trends in curtain design in 2025.

  1. Ecotrend. It has been popular for over 2 years. What is meant by eco-style? First of all, the use of natural materials in the decoration and design of the room. If we talk about curtains, then look at the models of silk, bamboo, cotton, linen.
  2. Minimalism. One of the most relevant trends in interior design. Of course, it is not necessary to purchase white plain kitchen curtains, you can choose bright models with a picture or pattern. The main thing is that it does not look too inappropriate.

What material do curtains fit into the kitchen?Kitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

Before choosing beautiful kitchen curtains, it is also important to find the right fabrics. It is from the materials that the durability and attractive appearance of the window design will depend. Please note that the kitchen is considered a room with high humidity. In addition, frequent temperature changes are also present, and splashes of water or fat may appear during cooking.

The choice of fabric for curtains is a very important task. The material should be as easy to clean as possible (laundry ironing) and keep its shape well. Most often, kitchen textiles for a window are made of such materials:

  • linen;
  • lace;
  • patchwork;
  • organza;
  • atlas;
  • veil;
  • cotton.

Let’s analyze each fabric in more detail:

  1. Organza. Synthetic fabric, which is distinguished by transparency and some shine. It fits perfectly in a small kitchen with insufficient light. In addition, the material has another important advantage – affordable cost. It should be noted that during operation, the kitchen curtains from organza lose their original appearance and functional properties – they can stretch and tear.
  2. Veil. A little denser than organza, but also a transparent material. Curtains from a veil have a characteristic shine and are light in weight, which is why they fit perfectly into the design of a small kitchen.
  3. Atlas. Want to add some luxury to your room? Hang the kitchen curtains from satin. This shiny dense material is fairly easy to wash and iron. For satin curtains, be sure to purchase a transparent tulle in addition.
  4. Flax. A material that matches the modern eco-trend. Please note that linen curtains must not be washed in very hot water. They are also quite difficult to iron – it is better to even out all the folds with an iron as soon as you have washed the fabric.
  5. Clap. Just like flax, it is a natural material, but at the same time it is more easy to care for. In addition, cotton kitchen curtains can be painted in any shade. Therefore, unlike linen, they can be not only a plain beige color, but also have different prints.
  6. Lace is also often used to decorate window curtains. They are especially relevant for a Provence style kitchen. Original patterns and lightness of the fabric will make the kitchen much brighter, more spacious and lighter.
  7. The grid. Synthetic fabric that is easy to wear. Due to the variety of shades and beautiful shine, this window design looks very stylish and original.
  8. Patchwork. In another way, such curtains for the kitchen can still be called patchwork. They are made of different fabrics or different patterns of the same fabric. You can buy or make curtains in the patchwork style with your own hands – the main thing is to have various fabric samples on hand.

Important ! Discard velvet or brocade items. Besides the fact that these are rather dense fabrics, they are also easy to get dirty and difficult to clean.

The best options for kitchen curtains 2025Kitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

Before choosing curtains for the kitchen in 2025, paying attention to all the fashionable and current trends, it is important to decide what role textiles will play in your interior. If the curtains are a purely decorative element, it is enough to choose them based on their appearance (focusing on the color and pattern of the canvas).

However, if you want to hang kitchen curtains to protect the room from sunlight or to close the room from prying eyes from the street, you should approach the choice more carefully. Such a decorative element, like curtains, can both decorate and spoil the interior. Choosing the wrong type or shade of the product, there is a risk of making the kitchen less comfortable and spacious.

All existing types of curtains are great for the kitchen. In this room it is much more important to focus on the material from which the product is made, and the actual length of the canvas. Today, window design elements are divided into several types:

  1. Rope curtains. Rather serve as a decorative element in the kitchen. They are unlikely to save you from strong sunlight, but they can become a bright accent in the room.
  2. Roman curtains. The most popular option in many modern interiors. In fact, the design of Roman curtains is a kind of roll models. They consist of a cornice on which the fabric is attached. Along the edges of the canvas, additional mechanisms are inserted to adjust the height of the curtain. This way you can raise and lower the curtains if necessary.
  3. Portieres. Perhaps the most classic window decoration option. Represents a dense mainly monophonic fabric. They look quite massive, so they are more suitable for a large kitchen.
  4. Japanese curtains. In such designs, several canvases of the same size are attached to the cornice. Most often, curtains are made of natural material.
  5. “Cafe”. This type of kitchen curtain covers only the lower half of the window, which is reminiscent of small cafes and eateries. Ideal for small kitchens, as they take up little space.

Tip : We do not recommend using too massive or even elaborate French or Austrian kitchen curtains – there is no need for drapery in this room.

How to choose curtains for the kitchen in various stylesKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

When planning to buy curtains for the kitchen in 2025, it is important to pay attention not only to current trends, but also to the style of the space. You must admit that in a room, for example, made in hi-tech style, light long flower curtains are not entirely appropriate. How to choose the right window decoration with curtains for each individual style? Let’s take a closer look.

ModernKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

For a room made in a modern style (or as it is called in another way, modern), you should choose simpler laconic models of kitchen curtains. A fabric with a slight sheen will look good. Especially appropriate in modern kitchens are Roman or Japanese curtains, as well as blinds.

ClassicKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

If your kitchen is made in a classic style, choose curtains is not difficult. Against the background of expensive furniture made of natural materials and warm shades of walls, thick long heavy curtains in beige or brown shades will be especially appropriate. It is advisable to choose monophonic models, or curtains with a restrained pattern.

East styleKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

This design of rooms has become popular for quite some time. Pay attention to golden or bright shades, characteristic patterns and additional elements (brushes, fringe). At the same time, the so-called Japanese blinds for the kitchen or bamboo blinds will be quite appropriate.

ProvenceKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

One of the most popular kitchen styles. It combines functionality and such a cozy atmosphere of small French towns. Provence -style kitchen curtains should be done in pastel shades. Pay attention to models with a floral pattern. It is also important to avoid heavy draperies, additional details.

CountryKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

For kitchens in country style, textiles, in particular curtains, are one of the most important elements of decor. They will set the style of the whole room. Country is a bit like Provence. He also gravitates towards rustic comfort. At the same time, the differences are still visible.

Pay attention to curtains in bright colors. In no case should you choose a plain option – textiles must have a pattern or pattern. Most often, in a country-style kitchen, curtains are striped or striped. Also relevant are drawings on a rural (farm) theme. For example, kitchen curtains with ears of wheat, apples, cherries depicted on them will give a special cosiness.

High techKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

The modern style of room decoration, which is characterized by a minimum number of decorative elements. One of the few styles where it is not necessary to decorate the windows with tulle or curtains. At the same time, if you still decide to add some textiles, choose transparent lightweight fabrics or plain blinds. No patterns or decorative elements.

MinimalismKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

It has several common features with the previous interior style. The kitchen, made in the style of minimalism, is also characterized by the almost complete absence of decor elements and a maximum of free space. To decorate the window, it is better to choose a thin tulle, roller blinds or blinds. Minimalism requires a lot of light in the room. Therefore, if the window in the kitchen is small, it is better to stay on transparent fabrics.

Popular colors of kitchen curtains

The shade of the curtains also matters. Especially when it comes to the kitchen. Numerous studies have shown that there are colors that can induce or vice versa – suppress appetite. The first is the place in the kitchen, but the second should be strictly avoided. Let’s see what curtain colors are most relevant this year.

Yellow shadesKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

Creating an interior, designers divide all shades into two categories: cold and warm. The first ones are ideal if the kitchen is made in gray, white, black or blue colors. The second type of coloring for curtains is especially relevant if the decoration and fronts of furniture in the kitchen are beige, yellow or orange.

One of the most popular colors for kitchen curtains is yellow. Sunny and cheerful shade improves mood. You can choose as a brighter option (if you want the curtains to become the accent of the room) or more muted pastel colors.

Red colorsKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

Red curtains are especially popular in the kitchen. It is believed that this color contributes to the appearance of appetite. At the same time, you should be especially careful with it – too bright a shade can spoil the interior of the kitchen. When hanging red kitchen curtains, be sure to ensure that such a coloring is present on 1-2 elements of the room (chandeliers, apron, wall clock).

Black and white curtainsKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

Black and white curtains are a classic that will never go out of style. If you are the owner of a small kitchen, choose white curtains with black patterns. A light base will help to visually increase the area of the room.

Brown curtainsKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

The noble and restrained shade was a great addition to the kitchen, made in warm beige tones.

GreyKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

Gray curtains are perfect in a room in the style of minimalism or hi-tech. They are simple, concise and restrained, which allows you to create an elegant and original design of the room.

Multi-coloredKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

Would you like to experiment with window decoration with curtains? Choose models that combine 2 or more shades. The main thing to remember is the rule: warm tones should be combined exclusively with warm tones and cold tones with cold tones.

PrintsKitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

They are popular only if they are not too intrusive. As for the theme of prints, it does not matter. Floral patterns, animals, food, geometry, abstraction – choose any option to your taste.

What to look for when choosing kitchen curtains?Kitchen Curtains 2021 - Latest trends in window design

Do you want to choose not only beautiful, but also practical kitchen curtains? In this case, it is important to pay attention to several nuances:

  1. The length of the tulle or curtains depends primarily on the area of the kitchen itself. Agree that hanging heavy massive curtains in a small room is not entirely advisable. Short kitchen curtains or blinds are more appropriate here. While for large spaces you can choose a dense long curtain with various decorative elements.
  2. Do not forget that the style and shade of the curtains must be combined with the overall design of the kitchen. Even if you want the window decoration to become a bright accent, make sure that the shade of the curtain is repeated on other kitchen items (for example, tablecloths, dishes).
  3. When choosing curtains for the kitchen, be sure to consider the degree of illumination of the room. If the windows do not look on the sunny side or are small in size, it makes sense to install dense dark curtains only in the case of properly thought-out artificial lighting. If you are not sure about the appropriate number of fixtures, it is better to dwell on transparent curtains. A poorly selected dark canvas will put a lot of pressure on your eyes and create discomfort.

Whatever the rules dictated by fashion, it is important not to forget that in the modern world, a bold approach and experiments are welcomed in interior decoration. Therefore, do not be afraid to choose more original and beautiful kitchen curtains. Remember that the final result should be liked first of all by you. After all, one way or another, each room of the house reflects the character of its owner.

It would seem that curtains are far from the most important element of the kitchen. However, it is they who are able to significantly transform the room and make it more comfortable. Following all the recommendations listed above, you can choose the perfect option that will fit into the design of the room and help to elegantly decorate the window.

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