Kitchen Design Ideas 2025-2026

Kitchen Design Ideas 2021-2022The kitchen is the most important space for a modern house, where it is necessary to observe several requirements at once. It should be functional, safe, comfortable and, of course, fashionable. New trends and interesting design findings for the arrangement of the kitchen are presented in this review.

What style to choose for the kitchen?

To make the kitchen look really fashionable, you need to decide in advance on the style in which the room will be maintained. This is not only the design and decoration of furniture, but also a variety of “chips” and decorative elements that will make the space holistic and harmonious. The era of eclecticism is gradually becoming a thing of the past, so the trend of mixing styles in the same room is no longer relevant. What will be the design of the kitchen trends 2025-2026?

Modern classicKitchen Design Ideas 2021-2022

Technological innovations superimposed on the classic interior – this is how this trend can be characterized. For modern classics are characteristic:

  • discreet design;
  • neutral color scheme;
  • symmetric modular design;
  • traits of aristocracy;
  • severity of forms.

The arrangement of the premises usually begins with the laying of the floor covering. For modern classics, the ideal solution would be slabs made of natural or artificial stone. If you cannot afford this pleasure, stop at a high-quality tile imitating natural stone or wood texture, as well as laminate.

For walls, it is recommended to choose plain finishing materials with a matte surface. The kitchen in the classical style does not accept any gloss and photo printing. But neat plaster, acrylic and fine-grained structural paint of a restrained palette will be most welcome. If you decide to wallpaper the walls, stop on options with:

  • fine pattern;
  • thin strip;
  • abstraction
  • imitation marble;
  • discreet ornament.

The best palettes for modern kitchens in the classical style are white, beige, light gray, coffee, cream, chocolate. Having settled on any pastel shade, you will not lose. A combination of several tones is allowed at once – but it is not recommended to use more than three close ones in the palette:

  • white + beige + gold;
  • creamy + chocolate;
  • white + black + beige;
  • white + gray + metallic;
  • white + light wood.

If finances allow, choose solid wood furniture, and if you need to save money – MDF facades. There should not be extravagant bends, baroque curls and intricate designs in the kitchen. All lines must be geometrically regular and symmetrical.

In the classic style of the kitchen, you are entitled to introduce innovative trends:

  • stretch ceiling;
  • spot light;
  • glass facades and countertops;
  • built-in household appliances;
  • bright color accents.

Curtains on windows, flower vases, wall clocks, paintings, lamps and fabric upholstery on chairs will help create vivid accents.

Eco styleKitchen Design Ideas 2021-2022

Eco-style, which is called natural minimalism, echoes in places with modern classics. The main idea of this fashion trend is to create a functional and harmonious space born of nature itself. The interior of the eco-style kitchen is created taking into account the following principles:

  • the use of natural materials for furniture, walls, floors and ceilings;
  • the abundance of natural light, which, if necessary, is complemented by artificial light – the room should be very bright;
  • abundance of fresh flowers – the more greens in the kitchen, the better.

It is not difficult to choose a color palette – discreet tones reminiscent of the colors of wood, sky, sand, greenery and earth will be appropriate. These include:

  • herbal;
  • brown in all its variety of shades;
  • sky blue;
  • the black;
  • Gray;
  • white;
  • clear glass;
  • terracotta;
  • sand;
  • pale yellow.

Tinting is realized through the use of natural materials – clay, solid wood, natural stone or its imitation. Acid colors and excessive brightness, with the exception of perhaps the green gamut, are not allowed.

Ideally, an eco-kitchen should be finished exclusively with natural materials, without the use of polymers – wood, fabric wallpaper and granite. Many even advocate the rejection of household appliances, but in modern conditions this is hardly feasible.

The kitchen should be wooden, but granite and glass countertops are allowed. A strict harmonious configuration of furniture is welcome, but at the same time it should be functional to save space in the room.

The key to a harmonious eco-interior is the right accessories and decor. Pay attention to such designer finds:

  • linen curtains and tablecloth;
  • live plants in clay pots;
  • Forged Products;
  • jute floor mats;
  • jute coasters for dishes;
  • rattan baskets;
  • chests from bark;
  • ceramic tableware;
  • live grass on the windowsill;
  • paintings with landscapes on the wall;
  • installations and crafts with needles, dried leaves and bark.

There should be a lot of light in the eco-kitchen – do not spare money for lighting and do not hang windows with heavy curtains. Replace them with fabric roller blinds.

Minimalist styleKitchen Design Ideas 2021-2022

Minimalist fashionable kitchens are now experiencing the peak of their popularity. The space organized by the principle of comfortable restraint is chosen by busy residents of megalopolises – it does not take a lot of time to clean and maintain cleanliness.

Characteristic features of the interior:

  • minimum furniture and decoration elements;
  • a lot of light – both natural and electric;
  • use of two basic colors;
  • laconic furniture with strict geometry;
  • Household appliances only built-in type.

The main task when arranging a minimal kitchen is to free up space visually and functionally to the maximum, fill it with light and create a free working area. Of great importance in this regard are hidden storage systems that allow you to hide all kitchen utensils, freeing the countertop and kitchen apron.

The design of a small kitchen in the style of minimalism is an effective solution for small apartments. In such rooms, headsets are placed almost to the ceiling, using every inch of usable area. It is possible to place utensils, household appliances, bulk products and household chemicals in hanging drawers without cluttering up the space.

A modern studio apartment with a combined kitchen-living room will also look advantageous in a minimalistic design. It will literally be filled with light and air, will become visually more spacious.

What modern ideas and techniques can be used to implement a minimal style:

  • matte stretch ceiling of white, light gray, beige, sand shades;
  • perfectly flat floor of large ceramic tiles without a pattern, laminate or parquet;
  • laconic apron made of plain tiles, glass or stone wall panels;
  • compliance with the principle of the unity of the design of the apron and countertops;
  • walls painted with cold tint;
  • design of the wall of the working area with a material or color different from other walls;
  • the use of Roman, roller or bamboo curtains on the windows.

The specified style practically does not require “embellishments” – a couple of conceptual paintings, a vase with flowers and a wall clock are enough.

High techKitchen Design Ideas 2021-2022

Continuing the theme of minimalist trends in the interior, you can not ignore the high-tech high-tech style. Chrome and gloss are the most recognizable features of the modern kitchen that make it look like an office building. Just like minimalism, hi-tech style fits perfectly into the space of small kitchens due to the large amount of light and a sense of freedom. Thanks to functional cabinets and built-in appliances, even on a very limited area, it is possible to place everything you need.

High-tech in the interior of the kitchen has such features:

  • a lot of ultramodern materials – plastic, metal, glass, imitation stone;
  • many smooth glossy surfaces;
  • plenty of light;
  • use of LEDs;
  • simple shapes and strict furniture geometry;
  • only built-in appliances with “smart” options;
  • chrome fittings and plumbing;
  • minimum decor and frills;
  • plainness and contrasting accents.

In the color scheme, designers focus on a neutral palette – numerous shades of gray, white, black, brown and beige. The principle of uniformity of color is sometimes replaced by pronounced contrasts – a combination of very dark and very light tones.

Technological design will not be office and dull, if you use the difference in textures. Combination of gloss with granite massifs, photo printing, wood and matte coatings is allowed.

The kitchen set is made exclusively to order. Each module must be precisely inscribed in the usable area, including household appliances – a stove, refrigerator, range hood, dishwasher, oven. In the high-tech style, both corner and linear kitchens are implemented. A popular idea is the installation of high pencil cases to the ceiling, suspension modules with LED backlight, creating a soaring effect.

Furniture facades are usually dull, without inserts and windows; it is preferable to use gloss, enamel, acrylic and metallized coatings.

What interior accents will be in fashion in 2025?Kitchen Design Ideas 2021-2022

In addition to general trends in the arrangement of kitchens, designers offer to pay attention to trend details. They will help bring your own flavor to the interior and make the kitchen fashionable without fundamental restructuring.

Radius facades

Furniture with smooth outlines and curved surfaces looks very unusual and gives coziness even to such a strict style as hi-tech. But this solution has a significant drawback – the furniture fits poorly into small rooms and reduces the usable area.

Furniture blinds

They serve as a good alternative to the usual doors and allow you to hide everyday items. Thanks to a variety of colors, they can be easily integrated into different interior styles. White roleta will be harmonious in minimalism, and metallized in high-tech kitchen.

Skinali for a kitchen apron

Tempered glass in a single color design or with photo printing is a great alternative to ceramic tiles. Glass panels are ideally combined with metallized and glossy facades, reflect light well, thereby increasing the space. Skinali with a picture or photo printing can become that bright spot that will revive a strict interior design.


Fans of high-tech interiors are in no hurry to abandon the gloss, but gradually this trend is replaced by matte shades. They are sold in facades and wall finishes and coated with special formulations to protect against fingerprints.

Vertical columns to the ceiling

This minimalistic solution will help to maximize the use of the kitchen space and make it visually free. The functionality of furniture columns can be increased with the help of built-in electrical devices.

Drawers without handles

They respond to touch and open with a simple click on the facade. A stylish and convenient solution allows furniture to practically dissolve in space, without burdening it with accessories and ensuring the integrity of the headset.

Thin countertops

Replacing habitual thick surfaces with thin ones does not reduce their functionality and strength. The main thing is to choose the right materials. Granite, porcelain stoneware, curlite and quartz agglomerate are of enviable strength.

White color

It is a favorite in minimalistic kitchens, the features of which can be traced in all interiors of the 2025-2026 season. Both recognized classics and stylish novelties are increasingly performed in a white palette, symbolizing purity, freedom and subtle aesthetics.

Metallic color

Metallic facades are just perfect for high-tech kitchens. But recently, metallic is increasingly found in other styles.

Lighting the top row of kitchen cabinets

The idea is realized through the use of suspended metal frames with incandescent lamps. They give the boring interior dynamism and add volume to the top of the headset.

Designer veneer

Artificially modified coating of furniture facades is interesting in itself and self-sufficient without design techniques. But when using textured veneer, the remaining surfaces are best made plain and inconspicuous.

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