Living Room Wallpaper 2024

Living room should be comfortable for all family members and their guests. So how do you choose the right living room wallpaper 2024 that suits everyone?

What associations do you have with the word “living room”? Family, comfort, guests, rest, relaxation? The living room is the center of the house, a room that everyone should like, and they decorate it so that everyone is pleased and comfortable to be in it. After all, if a bedroom and an office are created for one or two people, and the kitchen is a maximum for family pastime, then the living room is the “face” of the house.

Your friends and relatives will enter here and immediately understand how you live, what kind of relationships you have in your family and what values are important to you. Therefore, you need to pay attention to all the little things that relate to the interior of the living room. And even more so for such an important part of the finish as wallpaper.

Living room design 2024Living Room Wallpaper 2024

First of all, you need to think about the design of the living room. What style will it be in? Where and what kind of furniture will be placed? What colors would you like to see in this room? Depending on the answers, you will already be able to imagine future wallpapers. Maybe they will be just a neutral background for your bright ideas, or, conversely, they will become the main focus, or maybe you want to highlight one wall or divide the living room into zones using different wallpapers. We will now discuss all these options in detail.

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Wallpaper for the living room 2024Living Room Wallpaper 2024

Wallpapers are paper, non-woven, vinyl and fabric. All of them have different properties, external features and, of course, price.

Paper wallpapers are the easiest and most environmentally friendly option, but they are not very strong and require complex preparatory work. Non-woven – the most common choice with a rich assortment and resistance to light and water. Vinyl is easy to clean and looks solid, while fabric is chosen for living rooms, to which the definition of “luxury” applies.

Wallpaper design 2024Living Room Wallpaper 2024

Even if you have already chosen a style and have a rough idea of what to look for, there are thousands of wallpaper options and just as many chances to make a mistake. Pay attention to the size of the room – dark wallpaper or with a very large pattern is not suitable for a small living room. Be sure to consider the degree of illumination of the living room: will there be enough sunlight here, how will the shade of the wallpaper change depending on the time of day? The size of the windows and the height of the ceilings also matter.

Combined wallpaperLiving Room Wallpaper 2024

But what if you want variety or find it difficult to make a choice? Combined wallpapers will come to the rescue. For example, you like a pattern with bright colors, but do not want to paste over the entire living room with such wallpaper. Or you decide to visually divide the room into a recreation area and, for example, a dining room. Of course, you can choose colors and patterns that go well with each other. But to make it easier for you, many brands anticipate your desires even when creating new wallpaper collections. Accent bright wallpapers almost always have at least 2-3 options for creating combinations.

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Liquid wallpaperLiving Room Wallpaper 2024

Under the definition of “liquid wallpaper” we often mean decorative plaster or even painting. And yes, this option also has the right to life, especially if you have little time or you value practicality. Liquid wallpapers are environmentally friendly, they are easy to apply on uneven walls, they do not leave seams and do not interfere with minor repairs. But you will not be as comfortable as with classic wallpaper.

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