Modern chandeliers: top style trends 2024

There is no need to talk about the importance of lighting. It has long been performing not only a practical, but also a decorative function. Lamps shape the interior as well as furniture and decoration. An improperly selected chandelier can destroy the entire carefully assembled image of the room. We will talk about fashion trends in the choice of chandeliers 2024 in this article.

Always modern: classic chandeliers and selection rulesModern chandeliers: top style trends 2024

First of all, let’s define the style. Chandelier style is as important a selection criterion as size and brightness. The most modern and popular style trends today are: classic, hi-tech, minimalism, loft, modern, modern.

The look of the style is also changing. Today, a classic chandelier is not plafonds with crystal pendants. In the style of modern classics, crystal is rarely used, much more often – plastic, metal and fabric. The classic chandelier has a form familiar to us: shades in the form of lanterns, decorative ornaments, pendants.

It can be ceiling-mounted – mounted directly to the ceiling, or suspended – hook-mounted. This principle applies to all chandeliers, in any style. Therefore, let’s digress for a while from the appearance and talk about the general requirements for choosing a ceiling lighting fixture.

What should be taken into account?

  1. The height of the ceilings – the nature of the fastening of the chandelier depends on this: with low ceilings, the suspended model will not work in any way.
  2. The size of the room – the number of light bulbs and their brightness depend on this, and, of course, the diameter of the chandelier itself.
  3. The color scheme – the lamp, as a rule, is purchased last, it must be in harmony with the general style of the room.
  4. Chandelier design is where we started.

The classic chandelier today is elegant lines, usually matte shades that give diffused light. Elements of gilding in the decor. It requires the presence in the room and other fixtures in the same style: sconces, floor lamps, table lamps.

The presence of a single chandelier in the center of the room is yesterday. Now, with the help of lamps, space is successfully zoned. When combining the living room with the bedroom, the chandelier can be moved to the living room area, and in the bedroom it can be limited to local lighting. Lots of options.

High-tech chandeliers and their featuresModern chandeliers: top style trends 2024

High-tech style is the embodiment of practicality and functionality. This also applies to lighting fixtures. Buying such a chandelier means demonstrating good taste and non-trivial thinking. This is for bold and extraordinary natures.

What is remarkable about high-tech lamps?

  1. Strict conciseness.
  2. Geometric shapes.
  3. No decor, minimalism.
  4. Monochrome color scheme.
  5. In the manufacture of high-tech material is used.
  6. Futuristic design.
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They can also be suspended and ceiling in the same way. There are also models on the bar – a rigid mount that combines both of these types.

In the form of high-tech chandeliers can be:

  • round,
  • square,
  • rectangular,
  • elongated,
  • pyramidal.

Chandeliers in the form of a bar, as well as the most fantasy forms. Plafonds and lampshades are completely absent, but nevertheless, due to their original forms, the chandeliers do not look bare and boring at all. Of course, incandescent lamps do not fit this style. Lamps should also be modern: LED or halogen.

Minimalistic chandeliers as the dictates of the timesModern chandeliers: top style trends 2024

The aesthetics of minimalism style is the rejection of everything superfluous. Each thing has a purely practical function and in its place. The same goes for chandeliers.

Distinctive features of the lamp in a minimalist style:

  • simple forms;
  • laconic decor – parts that do not carry a payload are excluded;
  • neutral colors;
  • modern materials – plastic, metal, glass.

No ornate and complex shapes, clear geometry. This is a whole philosophy of asceticism and the rejection of excesses. The rhythm of modern life dictated this style. No time to waste on beauty. Everything should be functional, not interfere or annoy.

Therefore, the ceiling is not bright, monochrome prevails, that is, a combination of no more than three colors of a similar shade. Fabric and wicker shades are not for this case. All other lamps – similar design – minimalism does not tolerate variegation. But he loves a lot of light – natural and artificial.

Child of urbanization – loft chandelierModern chandeliers: top style trends 2024

The loft style attracts with its accentuated urbanity and industrialism. Of course, this is not for everyone, for natures who strive for experimentation and have creative thinking. After all, it originated in attics, in the habitats of creative bohemian. In terms of creativity, he is close to high-tech style – he also does not like everyday life.

Style Features:

  • concise design;
  • lack of decor;
  • lack of glass pendants and glass shades in the form of flowers;
  • varied color range.

I must say that the loft has now changed significantly. If earlier the lack of decoration and a touch of antiquity was associated with poverty and people with limited financial resources lived in such a dwelling, today such an entourage has acquired a certain chic, and the modern loft looks very presentable.

Loft loves natural materials. It perfectly combines a brick or concrete wall and a wooden floor. He loves large areas and high ceilings. There should also be several lamps to illuminate every corner. Open communications, water pipes can be used as a rod for a chandelier.

Such emphasized industrialism will give the atmosphere a peculiar charm. Concrete shades that are fashionable now, which you can make with your own hands, seem to be created for this style. If in a different entourage they can look rough and heavy, then the loft is the very thing!

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Art Nouveau chandeliers – nobility and aristocracyModern chandeliers: top style trends 2024

The Art Nouveau style, despite its modern sound, originated at the end of the 19th century, and still retains the features of that era. Nevertheless, even today he is very loved and popular for his originality and grace.

Here are the characteristics of this style:

  • complex curved lines and ornaments;
  • an abundance of natural motives;
  • lack of sharp corners;
  • modern does not like symmetry, often violates it;
  • natural materials;
  • love for stained glass and patterns.

Of course, all this applies to chandeliers. Curved shapes, plafonds with a claim to luxury – at one glance at such a chandelier, one gets the impression of an aristocratic salon. Restrained luxury and nobility are the hallmarks of this style.

Everything is appropriate here: gilding, bronze, and wood. This chandelier is a work of art in itself, and in order for it to fully demonstrate all its advantages, it is better to place it in spacious rooms. Art Nouveau loves to use colored glass in deep natural or pastel shades.

Flashy or acid colors are not acceptable at all. The remarkable thing about the Art Nouveau chandelier is that the variety of design and manufacturing materials allows you to fit it organically into modern styles, such as loft, hi-tech, and so on.

Modern style in chandelier design – restraint and eclecticismModern chandeliers: top style trends 2024

Modern style is a rather capacious concept. He absorbed both minimalism, and hi-tech, and classics. Elements of each of these styles in the form of strict lines, geometric shapes and concise design can be present in your modern style chandelier.

Harmonious proportions, discreet colors will appeal to many. Now it is difficult to find a living space, decorated strictly in one style, eclecticism prevails – it is much cheaper. Modern style is eclecticism, which has absorbed all the most popular trends. Its distinguishing feature is practicality and harmony.

What are modern chandeliers made of?Modern chandeliers: top style trends 2024

And now let’s talk about what materials chandeliers are made of today, about the advantages and disadvantages of each:

  1. Metal. Its advantages are durability, strength, ease of maintenance. Among the minuses – high cost and weightiness, not suitable for all ceilings. Metal elements are present in almost all chandeliers – fixtures for shades, suspensions.
  2. Glass – remains the most popular for fixtures. The advantages are obvious: resistance to negative environmental influences – neither the sun’s rays nor temperature changes are terrible, and most importantly – an extraordinary wealth of colors and shapes. But the fragility of glass is a significant minus. Luxurious variety of glass – crystal. It costs significantly more, but is just as fragile.
  3. Wood is the most natural material, and its main advantage is environmental friendliness. Wooden chandelier is combined with any textures and styles. It will harmoniously look in a classic interior, and a loft style, and in a minimalist one. The exception is, perhaps, high-tech, which does not like natural materials at all. The disadvantages of a wooden chandelier are the complexity of maintenance, as well as susceptibility to moisture and temperature changes.
  4. Plastic – lightness, cheapness, a variety of shapes and colors, as well as ease of care – are the main arguments in favor of choosing this material. However, keep in mind that under the influence of sunlight and high temperatures, the chandelier may burn out and deform.
  5. Textile is also a very popular material today. It is attractive with originality of forms, rich choice of colors and patterns, low weight and low cost. However, fabric lamps get dirty quickly, are difficult to care for, and their appearance is threatened not only by dust and dirt, but also by insects.
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Your chandelier should be beautiful, safe and durable, do not try to save on the quality of the material, so as not to regret your choice. Our shop offers a wide selection of chandeliers and other lamps.

The versatility of color solutions in modern chandelier design

It remains to say a few words about the color preferences of the modern interior. It has already been indicated above that restrained colors and monochrome gamma are preferable.

  • Modern styles love white, gray, silver.
  • Natural wood and stone, natural colors of the meadow and the sea are also in trend.
  • Black is popular today, especially in high-tech style.
  • Deep blue, brown tones will be appropriate in urban interiors.
  • Art Nouveau lamp can afford sunny yellow and red. Of course, be guided by considerations of harmony.

The chandelier should fit into the overall color scheme of your room.

The commitment of modern styles to simplicity and conciseness of forms allows not to focus on the nature of the room in which the chandelier will hang. In other words, a chandelier similar in design and color scheme can be hung in the kitchen, in the living room, and in the bedroom. The main thing is that it is combined with the general style of the room – decoration and furniture.

By purchasing a chandelier, you put a spectacular point in the interior. However, it is also not forbidden to buy a chandelier that clearly characterizes the character of the room today. The specialists of our store will be happy to help you choose a chandelier for the kitchen, nursery or bedroom. We work online and offline. Come in, choose.

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