Modern Modular Furniture Trends 2024

Modern Modular Furniture Trends 2024

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Modern Modular Furniture Trends 2024Modular furniture is gaining popularity due to the many benefits it offers. Consider the pros and cons of this type, and, of course, we will show the most popular series from our catalog.

Modern modular furniture is a practical and, most importantly, affordable option. You should not consider it as something typical and devoid of individuality. Many Russian factories follow global trends – in decor, color and functionality. And, of course, they strive to embody them in their products. Modular systems can rightfully be called a modern trend, as they allow you to create a fashionable and stylish interior without the help of specialists.

Modular furniture: what is it?Modern Modular Furniture Trends 2024

This is a series of pieces of furniture that can be used as independent elements or combined into a composition of several modules. In the composition, as a rule, there are various cabinets, chests of drawers and cabinets for organizing storage. And depending on the purpose, they are supplemented with specialized items. For example, in the kitchen series there are always modules for built-in household appliances, and in the bedroom series there is a bed.

This is a great option for owners of one-room apartments. Some factories offer series where there are modules for all types of premises. All elements are made in a single design and are combined with each other. You can harmoniously fit the workplace or sleeping area into the interior of the living room. Or organize a stylish storage system if it is not possible to install a spacious closet.

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  • You can create your own furniture composition by selecting only those modules that you need.
  • It is easy to pick up a complete set for any area – whether it is a spacious living room or a small bedroom with a non-standard layout.
  • If there is a need to supplement an existing composition, you can simply purchase the necessary module.
  • Typical modules are produced faster than custom-made furniture.
  • And mass production significantly reduces the final cost.


  • You will have to choose from what is available – you will not be able to order the manufacture of a module according to your size.

Manufacturing materials

Modern modular furniture is made from the most affordable materials today. The body is always made of chipboard, and the facades can be made of chipboard or MDF. Read which is better – chipboard or MDF in this article, which outlines the features and differences of these materials.

Style and design

Unlike classic furniture sets, modular series are mainly made in a modern style. This style is quite versatile, distinguished by functionality, simplicity and conciseness of forms. There is such a large offer in this segment that it will not be difficult to pick up a table, chairs or a sofa in addition. Furniture in a modern style is perfectly combined with any decoration of the room.

Features by room typeModern Modular Furniture Trends 2024

Modular living rooms furniture

Wall-to-wall cabinets are finally a thing of the past. The trend is compact storage systems that are installed in the TV zone. Modules are usually used to store dishes and other small things. Display cabinets, closed or open shelving are installed along the edges of the cabinet, where you can arrange various decor. You determine the number of elements and the order of arrangement yourself. The basic rule of furnishing a living room is not to clutter up the space.

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Modular bedrooms furniture

It is customary to store clothes and linen here, since it is the bedroom that is used for changing clothes. Therefore, the main feature is all kinds of wardrobes and pencil cases to create a dressing room. If the area allows, it is better to install a large and roomy closet group. Well, if not, you can limit yourself to a couple of functional modules so that there is somewhere to hang everyday clothes. The series also includes essential elements for furnishing a bedroom – beds, bedside tables and chests of drawers.

Modular hallways furniture

Most of the series consists of different modules – for storing shoes, outerwear and hats. The standard set necessarily includes a mirror – a necessary element in the hallway. It can be placed on a cabinet door or complete with a cabinet. Depending on the area, you can pick up various components, complete the set with a comfortable bench or pouffe.

Modular kitchens furniture

The most popular type of furniture. Here, often, the richest choice of modules. It is possible to choose the color and finish of the facades. For example, the line of kitchen modules from the Revda-Mebel factory has 130 elements. This is where the real scope for creativity. Everyone will be able to show off their talents and create their own cuisine. Agree, it’s more pleasant to cook on this later.

Kitchen facades are made of MDF coated with PVC film. We have already talked about the pros and cons of this material, if you are interested in the details – read this article. And here we say that the material has proven itself perfectly, and today it is the most popular in the production of kitchen furniture and not only.

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