Most Popular Curtains for Living Room Designs

Most Popular Curtains for Living RoomIn any dwelling, whether it is a country house, a summer house or an apartment, a living room occupies an honorable place. The whole family gathers in it on solemn dates, they receive guests in it. It is no coincidence that the hostess pays special attention to the design of this room.

Making a living room is a rather complicated task that requires an integrated approach. One of the necessary components of this multifaceted work is the selection of curtains that could become a real decoration of the room. To successfully cope with this task, you need to know both the basic rules of window treatments and modern popular living room curtain design solutions in the framework of various stylistic directions.

Living room curtain design featuresMost Popular Curtains for Living Room

Specialists advise those who have started decorating the living room, first of all, to determine what specific tasks it is planned to solve with the help of curtains.

The fact is that the fabric decoration of the window, in addition to a purely aesthetic function, performs a number of others. It is customary to include the following:

  • providing a diffusing light effect;
  • sun protection;
  • draft protection;
  • soundproofing;
  • privacy protection from prying eyes.

For diffusion of sunlight penetrating into the room, if it is, for example, a hall, a single-layer curtain can be quite sufficient. If there is a need to take care of the upholstery of upholstered furniture (for example, if the windows face the south side), it is better to opt for heavy curtains that have a lining.

If drafts prevent your comfort in the room, you will need dense curtains: velvet and tweed, as well as lightweight fabrics with thermal padding, are well suited for this purpose.

In an apartment building, curtains help to solve the problem of sound insulation. To do this, you should select a dense fabric that can absorb sounds and soften penetrating extraneous noise.

As for protecting your personal life from prying eyes, here everyone has a wide selection of fabrics. In this case, heavy night curtains will turn out to be an undoubted assistant, which will not only provide the necessary window decoration, but also create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness in the room. Meanwhile, even an air curtain or a weightless curtain, included as an integral element in a small room, can reliably isolate it from the outside world.

As you know, at present, many homeowners combine the living room with the kitchen, thus combining several areas with diverse functions in one room. Designing a room for such a functionally heterogeneous room is a rather complicated task, because for its competent solution it is necessary to ensure the correct distribution of all available functional segments, choose the most ergonomic furniture option in accordance with the room layout, and also find a common organic stylistic solution.

So, designers recommend giving preference to light colors, which will not lose its relevance over the years and provide the opportunity to experiment without any damage to color schemes.

In this case, the only indispensable condition is the introduction of a certain number of accented elements into the living-dining room. In this capacity, pieces of furniture, lamps, paintings and photographs, living plants, vases and, undoubtedly, window drapery should act.

There are no special restrictions for window drapery of the living-dining room. The choice of material is determined by the size of the room, the number of windows and their configuration. It is quite acceptable to limit ourselves to translucent curtains or to combine them with curtains. If you are not comfortable with the window configuration, you can drape the entire wall with a cloth. You will get the most effective solution when using a monophonic translucent veil for this purpose.

What are in trend now?Most Popular Curtains for Living Room

Each year, stylists celebrate the introduction of new motifs in the design of curtains designed to decorate a modern hall. Given the rapidly changing fashion, the task of buying curtains dictates the need for a preliminary familiarization with current trends in design.

Fashion trends this year are due to the desire of man to ensure an environmentally friendly environment. In accordance with this, for decorating homes, it is increasingly strongly recommended to choose natural materials, that is, natural fabrics, for example, cotton, linen, jute, silk.

However, stylish curtains for the living room can be made of artificial fabric. The original style solution can provide heavy curtains from materials such as taffeta and velvet containing synthetic fibers.

If you prefer light curtains that accentuate the effect of airborne weightlessness, you should choose from transparent fabrics – veils, chiffon, tulle. Such curtains made of thin fabrics are widely used in the Loft style, which is currently gaining popularity. It is no coincidence that this year the most fashionable in terms of combining weightlessness of the material itself and its color scheme are beautiful white curtains.

Despite this, experts do not seek to limit the color palette of curtains. It is traditionally included along with bright and catchy natural colors and muted pastel shades.

Among the new-fangled trends characteristic of the print, a large catchy pattern for curtains should be noted. Naturally, this print is suitable for spacious rooms, in a small room it will create only annoying variegation. As for the most popular drawings on the print, then today they include abstract, geometric and floral compositions.

One of the modern bold solutions for decorating the living room is the use of black or dark gray curtains. Since dark shades in any case make the interior of the room heavier, such curtains will look spectacular only in a spacious and very bright living room, in which the color palette is dominated by perfect whiteness.

New living room curtain itemsMost Popular Curtains for Living Room

New in the field of design projects of the living room is now mainly based on a variety of combinatorics of popular style solutions. So, stylists suggest combining classic curtain models with models that the consumer does not yet perceive as familiar. The latter include Roman and roller blinds or blinds.

Currently, at the peak of popularity, there are rolled bamboo curtains, in addition to which classical straight canvases act. This kind of tandem of domestic traditions and original borrowing from oriental culture has attractive features: the naturalness of the materials used, the versatility and practicality of the kit, as well as its design conciseness.

The use of eyelets – metal or plastic rings, with which curtains can be fixed on the cornice, is recognized as a new fashionable trend in the design of curtains for the living room. This design allows the curtains to fall under their own weight, forming spectacular deep folds and visually increasing the height of the living room.

The grommets are also good because they are able to fulfill the function of a decorative element: to create the contrast necessary for a common color palette of a room for plain paintings or add another shade of the prevailing tonality to it.

The use of various ensembles of curtains is becoming more widespread for the design of living room windows, which ensures the harmony of design both in color and in the texture of its elements. For this purpose, multifaceted solutions are being offered today by introducing various accessories for curtains into such ensembles: brushes, pickups, lambrequins, etc.

For the design of the living room windows, the pelmet is of particular importance. On the one hand, completing the window composition, it performs a purely decorative function, giving the appearance of the living room solemnity. On the other hand, the lambrequin reliably hides the imperfections of both the wall decoration and the errors made during the installation of window blocks.

More attention in the curtain market today is given to Japanese fabric panels. Being sliding fabric canvases stretched onto a rectangular shape, they are usually perceived as a fabric screen that organically fits into any version of a minimalist design. Among the numerous models of Japanese curtains, you can choose, along with the widespread monophonic variations, and models with a muffled print, which traditionally depicts floral or abstract compositions.

Curtain styles for living roomMost Popular Curtains for Living Room

A competent style design of the living room with the help of curtains will undoubtedly require you to have a good orientation in the world of those styles that are considered super-fashionable this year. These include the following:

  • Classicism;
  • Neoclassicism;
  • Pop Art;
  • Art Deco;
  • Eco style;
  • Minimalism;
  • Eclecticism.

ClassicalMost Popular Curtains for Living Room

The classical style lives its timeless life: it is always in demand, and over the years the army of its fans does not decrease. The classical approach to the design of curtains involves the choice of direct fabrics that go down to the floor, which are usually combined with air curtain. Such drapery of windows and window openings is not only beautiful, but also multifunctional.

NeoclassicalMost Popular Curtains for Living Room

At the same time, the neoclassical trend is gaining more attention. Neoclassicism is distinguished by the fact that it organically fits into the modern living space a combination of classic designs with fresh solutions. The non-standard nature of this style can be emphasized with the help of voluminous drapery-weighted curtains or through Roman curtains in combination with simple unpretentious curtains.

Pop ArtMost Popular Curtains for Living Room

The design of the living room in the style of Pop art involves the use of neutral light colors as the main background. For this purpose, white is most often chosen. Since the function of accents in the framework of Pop Art is performed by various decor elements, curtains also take on the solution of this problem due to the brightness and contrast of the colors of the prints.

If you are attracted by the glamor of the elite Art Deco style, which is based on the unexpected combination of simplicity and smoothness of forms with striking chic, you will have to finish the living room in bright colors.

In this case, the contrast necessary for the interior is usually provided due to the dark tonality of the furniture set, the solid solidity of which should be emphasized by the curtains. It is interesting to note that according to the color code adopted in Art Deco, both plain curtains and curtains with original geometric patterns are welcome.

Eco styleMost Popular Curtains for Living Room

Since the return to nature has now become the slogan of modern man, the Eco-style is very popular, according to which the main role in the decoration and decoration of the living space is given to natural materials.

Eco-style requirements fully comply with curtains made of cotton, linen, silk and other natural materials. In this case, preference should be given to the natural color scheme, in which such colors as white, gray, yellow, beige, blue, green prevail. It is not forbidden to use patterns and prints that evoke associations with typical natural paintings. It is in this vein that photo-curtains, fashionable this season, are made, which depict exotic flowers, plants, birds and animals.

MinimalismMost Popular Curtains for Living Room

Minimalism requires a commitment of failure in the interior from excessive decoration and the use of concise decisions in the color palette – the imposition of bright accents on a light background. In the appendix to the curtains, the minimalist requirement means the choice for the hall of unpretentious light curtains in bright colors. In this case, many experts consider white curtains to be the ideal solution as a symbol of the standard of a minimalist trend.

A variety of minimalist solutions for the arrangement of the living room can give the use of Roman curtains. Recently, more and more stylists for decorating a living room decorated in this style recommend curtains, which are not quite familiar to the Russian audience, – Japanese.

EclecticMost Popular Curtains for Living Room

According to experts, at the peak of popularity is eclecticism, based on a combination of incongruous components. It should be remembered that professional eclecticism does not at all imply an arbitrary combination of elements belonging to different styles. The secret of an eclectic decision that is competent in style is that a combination of heterogeneous style elements is perceived as absolutely natural and optimal for achieving the planned effect.

Curtain color schemesMost Popular Curtains for Living Room

The task of harmoniously introducing curtains into the overall color scheme of the living room is not one of the simple ones. To find a competent solution for it, you first need to clearly determine what task you assign to the curtains: they will play the role of a central or background element in the design. It is the functional load of the curtains that ultimately determines the choice for them of a particular color and, accordingly, accessories.

Stylists note that often for living room curtains a neutral solution is a neutral color scheme. It helps to neutralize the undesirable effect of a limited room area, the lack of light in it, contributes to the creation of its light airy image.

Color combinations that organically fit into almost any style of the living room are such colors for curtains as white in all its shades, light tones of sand, beige and coffee.

Gray is also considered universal with its many shades. Its characteristic wide range of compatibility removes any restrictions when choosing a color scheme when replacing furniture upholstery, carpet or wallpaper. The undoubted practicality of gray explains its many years of leadership among the fashionable color schemes of the living room interior.

Today, the fashion for natural fabric determines the fashion trends in the color palette recommended for curtains. The modern range of superfashionable natural tones consists of sand, mustard, pistachio, olive, various shades of blue (blue-green, blue with lilac shimmer, blue-silver, blue-violet).

Chocolate with its various shade variations still remains a win-win color base for selecting spectacular material for curtains.

Curtain fabricsMost Popular Curtains for Living Room

Currently, the textile market has a huge variety of fabrics for curtains. Depending on the functional purpose, the features of the room for which they are intended, this or that material is selected from the specifics of the design project.

Of course, it is impossible to arbitrarily change light curtains to heavy drapery material without compromising the design of your living room. The texture of the material and its color scheme are also of paramount importance.

When choosing fabric for curtains, you need to rely on the general design project of the living room and in no case buy just the fabric you like.

Spectacular curtains in the interiorMost Popular Curtains for Living Room

For the modern design of the living room, many original ideas are offered today. One of them is the manufacture of curtains in the colorblock style solution. The secret of this stylistic approach to window drapery design is that the curtain fabric consists of a combination of horizontal pieces of fabric of different colors. This technique makes it possible not only to emphasize the original contrasting components of the interior, but also to emphasize the harmony of its color spectrum.

Another effective example of the use of combinatorics in the manufacture of curtains is the vertical connection of various types of material. Hanging such curtains is most effective in the living room, which has a bay window, because with this configuration of the room you will need to draw several curtains to create a specific composition.

The essence of vertical combinatorics in the design of window drapery is as follows. The main canvas of the classic curtain of neutral tone is framed by a narrow border made of bright or printed material. This solution, which is based on the technique of highlighting a color spot, moves the canvas in color focus, visually increasing the height of the living room. As a result, you get a balanced and stylish design solution for the living room.

It should be emphasized that the importance of textiles for the design of a living room should not be underestimated even if you are completely confident in your ability to change its interior without much damage to yourself or if you are committed to hard minimalism. Experts say that window drapery, regardless of capricious fashion trends, will remain in demand for premises of different functional orientations and, first of all, for living rooms. This is due to the fact that any owner can not help but care about its functionality, comfort and ability to satisfy their aesthetic needs.

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