New Design Trends 2025

New Interior Design Trends 2021The main decor trend is mass customization. Design is not for everybody, but for everyone. Designers reflect on an eclectic interior – a mix of styles and stylistics best expresses the personality and its addictions. The appeal sounds like this: ignore trends, personalize the interior and express your emotions!

Developers around the world are reducing the average area of apartments, urban dwellings are becoming more compact. The minds of designers are occupied with everything that will help the modern nomad to fit in a small number of meters, while not losing comfort: modular sofas, folding tables, folding beds and hidden kitchens.

Technological innovations are becoming especially acute: multifunctional devices, home robots, household appliances with Internet access. Ceiling lights, kettles and refrigerators are controlled from a smartphone. The kitchens in modern homes resemble the professional sites of chefs – both in terms of technology and the quality of the dishes cooked on them.

A new generation of design enthusiasts has buried the fake i industrial chic and the loft style, the dubious urban country and the brilliant hotel glamor.  The beige interiors finally left, giving way to color and ornament. Rational Danish design is at its peak in Europe, but Italian maximalism is cramping it.

The concept of “decorated interior” is rapidly out of fashion. People want to be designers themselves. The idea of a stylized, deliberately decorated interior with “competently” arranged still lifes seems outdated.

Decorative trends 2025: find the inspiration for your interior design!

1. MaximalismNew Interior Design Trends 2021

In 2017, fashionable design teams such as Dimorestudio, Peter Pilotto or LaDoubleJ introduced us to unforgettably extravagant interiors. Contrasting prints and ornaments, a powerful mix of different styles and times, the return of the 80s – a departure from minimalism, inspired by the Scandinavians, which dominated in recent years. Maximalism has not yet gained strength at the general consumer level, but very soon it will happen. Consumers want to express themselves, and maximalism (sometimes on the verge of kitsch) allows them to do this. “The consumer no longer wants to be told stories (he tells them himself), he wants to empathize and enjoy the new experience,” says Vincent Gregoire, NelliRody Style Agency. “As the rhythms accelerated, we mix the concepts of good and bad taste, high and low brands, liberate imagination.”

2. Parallel universesNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Disiners, restaurateurs and manufacturers join forces. Together they create colorful and joyful events that take us from a busy metropolis to parallel universes – warm, bizarre and exotic. Under the influence of this trend, furniture acquires bright, bold colors, surfaces play with reflections. The user is invited to talk about the interior as a fabulous, sensual experience.

3. Instagram-readyNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Now every new decorator will have an accent wall. “The digital revolution is changing the rules,” says Vincent Gregoire. “Having become stylists, we work on the image and take care of our own home as a“ showroom ”, where our life and our hobbies are displayed in the window.” The interior for the sake of a frame that they will adore and hate, like and post on social networks. Theatrical effects, narcissism and decorative exhibitionism are what awaits advanced users in the 2018/2019 season.

4. TimelessNew Interior Design Trends 2021

The past century is cited, reprinted, and becoming more expensive. Post-war modernism fashion – “modernism with a human face” is not going to leave us in 2018. Furniture has become much more rounded and feminine, and things in the spirit of the 30-50s boldly combine with later quotes from the bourgeois-bohemian 70s and radical 80s. Miuccia Prada exposes the seats of Brazilian modernists in Miami, Memphis anti-designbegins to gain new fans. For Fendi, Chiara Andreatti has worked on the concept of a friendly “Welcome!”Living room. The new decor star combined the ideas of animated luxury and elegance with the bourgeoisie of the 1970s, hommages to the masters of the Vienna Secession and the Italian design diva Gabrielle Crespi.

5. The ViennaNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Secession 2017 was marked by the centenary ofEttore Sottsassa, fun and radicalMemphisfurniture. In 2018, nostalgic and sophisticated fashionistas are invited to recall the teapots and vases of Koloman Moser, the architectural furniture of Adolf Loos andJoseph Hoffman. In 2018,countless exhibitions and auctions will be dedicated to Viennese Art Nouveau and the centennial of the death of artists Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and architect Otto Wagner.

6. Capsule collectionsNew Interior Design Trends 2021

More and more manufacturers are taking an interdisciplinary approach, attracting authors from related industries. Graphic artists, famous architects, fashion designers become authors of carpets, tables and washbasins. Collaboration products come out in small series, emphasizing the elitism and originality of the product.

7. Bespoke

Items to order, by individual standards and sizes will increasingly appear in our homes. Both local artisans and global enterprises advertise “flexible” solutions: an interior that is tuned to the needs of the owner.

8. Modular furnitureNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Sofas and couches, shelving and low tables form fancy ties, like Japanese puzzles. Models in the spirit of Lombrico, B&B Italia, known as the “endless” sofa of Marco Zanuzo, one of the most popular in the 70s, will be an adornment of spacious lounges.

9. Sculptural furnitureNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Items of strange asymmetric proportions or furniture resembling abstract sculptures are on the wave. Such things are collectible and there should not be many.

10. Polished furnitureNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Polishing instead of brushing, rosewood instead of textured oak – Italian furniture makers, furniture fashion conductors are passionate about the finishes of the 80s. Red-brown sideboards, chests of drawers and a drawer, beds in a polished case appeared in the latest collections of top brands.

11. Mirrors and arches

Elements of theatrical scenography actively penetrate the house. Semicircular arches and large sloping mirrors of irregular shapesdramatize the interior.

12. Velvet BlastNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Holiday of everyday luxury? No fabric will create it better than velvet. Especially in precious tones such as sapphire, citrine, emerald, amethyst and pink garnet. In 2018 interiors, velvet is used as an accent fabric or in tandem with furniture of modern silhouettes.

13. CarpetsNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Accenting multi-color carpets of interesting shapes with expressive graphics have come into fashion. The more abstract the picture, the better.

 14. Optical illusionsNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Kinetic art, errors of visual perception, vibrations in the spirit of Vasarely remain faithful companions of maximalist interiors.

15. Rainbow overflows

Gradients and watercolor spills have moved to the bathrooms. Mosaic tesseras are decorated with iris – bright colored highlights reminiscent of silver holography or gasoline stains. Reflecting light, they attract the eye, changing depending on the angle of view.

16. New botany

In addition to the growing demand for indoor plants with expressive leaves, whatnots and flowerpots for climbing plants are returning to the interior. Succulents were replaced by cissuses, ivies and “grandmothers” tradescans, freely hanging from the ceiling. And the tropical jungle and intense floral print are not going to leave the walls and upholstery, delighting those who are passionate about the 70s.

17. Boho ChicNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Macrame, peasant calico, Indian rugs and wallpaper with elephants, monkeys and paisley ornaments – the hippies’ style of the 70s returns to the youth bedrooms.

18. Cozy life

Retail stores, cafes, hotels, workspaces look like living rooms, the boundaries between work and leisure are becoming more blurred. Spaces oriented towards acquiring new experience rather than aesthetics will be popular. There is more and more furniture “for home and garden.” Lightweight, portable items made in the spirit of “urban camping” are distinguished by a cheerful color and game element.

19. A cozy houseNew Interior Design Trends 2021

The hygge trendwill continue in 2018. We still have a desire for a simple, calm, unobtrusive lifestyle, where the house is our main refuge in a politically troubled, noisy world. Everything is appreciated that provides comfort, silence and a kind of Digital Detox-cocoon chairs, sound-absorbing curtains and cozy soft sofas. The Swedish word Lagom has enriched the hygge trend – it translates as “not to small and not too much.” Relaxing cool calm spaces are in fashion. TsThe opportunity to breathe in fresh air without leaving the city and relaxing without going to the spa, and designers are designing things that are favorable for the psyche. Emotional States – Emotional well-being will be the theme of the London Design Biennale in the fall of 2018.

20. Imperfect perfectionNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Attention is drawn to furniture made by people, not machines. Technocraft triumphs in subject design – things created using craft work and ancient techniques along with the latest technology and / or materials. Decorators recalled the Japanese principle of wabi-sabi, an emphasis on the use of objects made with inherent imperfections and with an emphasized sense of authenticity.

21. Tonal interiorsNew Interior Design Trends 2021

While bright maximalist interiors are gaining more and more fans, minimalists prefer to soothe the eye in monochrome. Thin, layered, textured palettes give a feeling oflightness.

22. Local resources

Today, designers with one click of a computer mouse get access to any resources that exist in the world. However, many are increasingly paying attention to products not of global brands, but of modest local manufacturers. “My clients prefer me to invest their money in the local economy,” says American designer Max Humphrey. “I choose local tables and chairs, lamps, tiles and lumber.”

23. Utility materialsNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Among the wide selection of materials, plywood (that is, laminated wood), concrete (for furniture and textured accessories), terrazo (concrete with marble chips), rattan, bamboo (even for the floor), linen canvas, mohair and army cloth came back. In the interior, favorites of the 70s were noticed – wicker furniture, lampshades from abacus and birch bark boxes. Next in the near future glass blocks, laminate and hit of the 90s are synthetic fur.

24. Unique recycling

Furniture from recycled computers and smartphones; skin from pineapple leaves; Corn husk tiles are some of the hard-to-process materials that appeared in 2017. Seattle Solanki, director of the design studio, believes that in 2018 we will see a lot of glamorous smooth surfaces that avoid the stereotypes of a “redesigned” aesthetic.

25. New PovertyNew Interior Design Trends 2021

According to the PeclersParis style agency, man and nature have reconciled. In a world where disasters associated with climate change and the depletion of natural resources are growing, people more than ever realize the need to preserve it. Eco-friendly furniture without chemicals – withtulle, tables and consoles 2018 should be durable and show their simple “natural origin”.

26. White Stone

Carrara marble is obscured by unexpected stone iterations, such as gray and green. In high-quality materials, including onyx and agate, beautiful, natural ones add texture and depth to any design. The course is tried, but very modern.

27. CeramicsNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Simple ceramics, hand-painted pottery and hand-carved wooden bowls will not leave the home of fans of the Scandinavian trend hygge. Ceramic vases and vessels will become larger, deliberately expressive, attracting attention with their man-made.

28. Light is the new colorNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Good lighting is still the key to keeping the room warm and comfortable. There are more and more light sources. And designers consider light as an independent material: light fluxes are twisted into letters and spilled like liquids. As technology evolves, designers explore color gradients from luminous filaments stretched across the room like clothesline. Portable, rechargeable and even folding table lamps are in fashion. And desperate optimists have already appeared who offer to treat the mini-lamp as a piece of jewelry.

29. Colored ceiling or floor

The emphasis from the walls moves to the ceiling. Graphic ornament or dark color – everything is possible. Hardwood flooring appears in ever more complex patterns and combinations of materials. Kaleidoscopes and parquet mosaics are in fashion: planks of various shapes are lined with chevron, Binet cubes, octahedrons, etc. Any combinations of not only sizes, but materials are welcome. Wood will be supplemented with elements of ceramics, concrete, metal and natural stone.

30. The black floorNew Interior Design Trends 2021

The black is gaining popularity in plumbing and furniture, so it is only natural that it will become a trend on the floor. Charcoal shades will appear in the floor tiles.

31. Ferrous metalNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Polished metal and other trending materials like brass, bronze and copper have become mainstream. Black coatings come into fashion. We are waiting for totally black kitchens and bathrooms in black stainless steel and black slate and feasts with black knives and forks. Concrete, granite, slate and rusty metals supplanted the elegant combination of “white marble + steel + light wood”.

For the first time in its history, Behr, the brand of the American company The Home Depot, announces the color of the year. In 2018, it became the shade of In Moment. Erica Voelfel, vice president of Color & Creative Services, believes that this shade “evokes a sense of peace.”

32. Blue-green

Each year, leading paint manufacturers declare their own color of the year. Often they do not come to a common denominator, but this year the three top brands have chosen bluish-green as the defining color: Behr chose In Moment; Dunn-Edwardschose a similar shade calledThe Green Hour; Sherwin-Williams- Oceanside, a deep, luxurious “color of wanderings.” We are witnessing a transition to more melancholy, more gloomy interiors. Dark walls, a muted palette dominated by shades of the sea wave.

33. Pink and redNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Pink fell in love with millennials. Blush “gained weight” in home textiles, decoration materials, accessories – everywhere. With pink and orange-powder tones, today they combine shades of sage and dusted blue. The palette of pink is complicated, it is complemented by carmine red and terracotta shades. Next in line is red. I bright, decadent and dazzling red color will bring fashion and passion into the interior.

34. Terracotta

Interior consultant colorist Despina Curtis, a well-known industry, thanks to sophisticated work for clients such as Cos, Moooi and Carl Hansen& Son, believes that terracotta will become what emerald was in 2017.“It’s rich earth color, it looks “beautifully on tactile materials such as textiles, especially bedding, as well as ceramics and tiles.”

35. VioletNew Interior Design Trends 2021

Erica Woelfel, aBehr Paint color expert, calls lilac new pink. The “bright future” is predicted to be feminine in the wake of the short-term fascination with ultraviolet light, which was inspired by the Pantone Color Institute in 2018.

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