New Interior Design Trends 2025

New Interior Design Trends 2021The interior design allows creating environments for the spaces, thus generating well-being and tranquility for those who are in it. To achieve the desired design, you must investigate, so that the place is known, then plan and finally build and create. It is also important to define some aspects such as the purpose of the room, the space that is available, the way it will be illuminated, etc. To design the interior of a space in the most appropriate way it is necessary to take into account both the relationship of the space with the exterior, as well as the details inside.

In interior design there have been multiple styles, which over time have been modified and even today, they are modernized annually. Here are some of the interior decor trends to follow for the coming year (2025).

Interior Design Trends 2025

Nordic style

This style, adopted from the inhabitants of the north, who for most of the year suffer from cold, is created to be warm and comfortable. It is tried to take advantage of the exterior light to the maximum and for that reason light colors are used that reflect, like the white one, or neutral colors, like the one of the wood, which is also used in details and floors. The soft textures in the skins and carpets play an important role in giving warmth to the place. The optimization of the space is key, few objects are used and the furniture is very functional, that is, they usually meet different needs, such as storage.

New Interior Design Trends 2021


This style is characterized by simplicity. You try to have enough space and few objects. In order not to get bored, details are created with tones that contrast or use materials such as wood and linen on certain objects. Everything is in the small details. Less is more.

New Interior Design Trends 2021


Here the design is based on the fact that some elements of the construction are evident, such as brick finishes or beams, and that the furniture is old or old.

New Interior Design Trends 2021

Boho chic

This interior design style is characterized by the combination of natural tones and materials, such as wicker and wood coffee, and ethnic details, such as carpets or carvings. The colors in the fabrics, more varied, contrast with those of the walls, which are usually a single tone not very striking.

New Interior Design Trends 2021


This style combines Japanese and Scandinavian, both being very minimalist and functional. The Japanese style, which is more elegant, is combined with the simplicity of the Nordic and creates something unique and sober. Also the Japanese palette of colors, which are brighter, allow to create a contrast with the Scandinavian neutral tones and give the opportunity to create a fun mix. The details and decorations are simple and natural, using plants and bamboo.

New Interior Design Trends 2021

Wabi Sabi

This Japanese decoration highlights the worn and celebrates the old. Cracks and old age marks in construction and furniture are not hidden, opaque colors are used and textures are played.

New Interior Design Trends 2021


This style is characterized by whitewashed stone walls, arches, wooden beams, rocks and warm colors. Linen, wood and wicker are textures and elements widely used in this type of interior design. Lamps hanging from the ceiling are another characteristic element of this style.

New Interior Design Trends 2021


It is characterized by the use of details and objects that symbolize the nature of this region. Dark colors taken by wood and warm colors are widely used. The use of masks, carpets or objects from this region gives this kind of style to the space.

New Interior Design Trends 2021


This style uses pastel tones, antique objects and classic furniture. Flowers and wall papers stamped in soft tones are used. Frames and similar details combine their colors.

New Interior Design Trends 2021

Feng shui

This style is based on harmony and energy flow. Here the interior design is intended to generate tranquility, so the spaces are very bright, the spacious entrances, with little objects and furniture, are oriented towards simplicity, order and nature, using elements such as plants for decoration.

Elements to consider in interior design

The Color is one of the key elements when designing the interior of a room, as this influences the way the light and space is perceived and the mood of people. To choose it you must take into account the style you want to take, the reason for the room and the amount of space available. Once the aforementioned criteria are defined, it is time to choose the color scheme to use.

When combining colors, one or two neutrals must be combined with two or three opposites or several shades of the same range, as in scale. If you are going to use a lot of white or another neutral color, creating brightly colored details can give the room a touch.

New Interior Design Trends 2021

The lighting is another key element to consider in interior design. When it is going to be illuminated, the warmth of the place is defined according to the purpose of the room, by the hue of the light bulb and the places that will be most illuminated, in order to locate the other elements that are most desired to be highlighted, either a painting or a table. The curtains or blinds in the windows will be located and chosen according to the amount of natural light that you want to pass. If they are large windows they are normally used to achieve a well-lit interior space. It is recommended to use different light sources, especially if it is a large space. The general lighting is what gives light to the entire room, the focus is the one that focuses on a specific space or object and the fill is the one that is located in different places of the room in lamps or sets of lights.

The materials and textures go together, because the material gives texture to the object. We can give a different texture to a part of the wall, to create a detail, or give the same texture to all of it. The same with the floor, when laying a carpet we create a detail or if it will be made of tiles you can play with the tones or figures of these to create combinations or you can choose all the same, according to the desired style. For example, wood is one of the most used materials, whether painted or natural, the latter being more applied due to the natural touch it gives to the room, whether in furniture, frames or on the floor.

The balance in the room is given with the location of the furniture. When choosing the furniture, the quantity and its dimensions, the space with which it is counted and how these will be distributed here must be taken into account. For a room to have a balance, the furniture is located either symmetrically or equitably around the entire premises.

For interior design there are many options and forms, so before doing anything you must have clarity on what you want. Imagine and project what you want your space to be and what you want it to emanate from it. The most advisable thing is to advise you with professionals, since this way you will avoid mistakes that can be expensive. Organize your ideas and share them with an experienced advisor so they can translate them into the space to change, to achieve a harmonious space that you can enjoy every day.


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