New kitchen? Discover the latest technological innovations 2024

Today, thanks to innovation, the kitchen market has a series of new technologies that make everyday life easier. If you are going to carry out a kitchen reform, once the design of this has been decided, it does not make any sense to make a more functional room without considering implementing any of these novelties.

Innovative proposals in the world of cooking

We present some of these innovative proposals in the kitchen, a space that is gaining more and more prominence in our daily life, to improve functionality and, therefore, the quality of life at home. Do you dare to meet them?

Invisible induction hobDiscover the latest technological innovations 2024

With a 5-year full guarantee, we present COOKING Surface Prime, the future of induction. The new hidden induction cooking system through a process of integration between material and technology that allows you to hide, open up spaces and free surfaces.

It is a new concept that integrates design and technology through a perfect symbiosis between the induction hob and the porcelain material, creating a unique and versatile product that allows you to make the most of the work surface. A revolutionary, useful and very practical development due to its functionality and power, but also due to its hygiene and ease of cleaning.

This system is specially designed for integration into the most avant-garde design solutions, offering the highest quality with a minimalist design that fits perfectly with any space.

The invisible COOKING Surface induction hobs include a liquid crystal display control, which controls the operation of each cooking zone.

Among its advantages we find the following:

  • Scratch resistant.
  • High temperature resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Waterproof and hygienic.
  • Direct surface cooking using Cookware cookware.

Ultra-compact porcelain surfacesDiscover the latest technological innovations 2024

Manufactured with technological processes that provide high performance such as resistance to scratching, heat, high levels of hardness and resistance and using materials that are neutral in carbon emissions.

In the case of the totally invisible induction hob, this is implemented in a countertop made of porcelain, the most durable and resistant material with incredible ease of cleaning. This has no joints and has an installation process of less than six minutes.

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Thanks to the extensive catalog of ABKSTONE porcelain tiles, it is possible to customize the porcelain countertop that you like best, from shades that imitate marble and wood to more neutral or traditional ones. Multiple color combinations that fit perfectly with any style, perfect for modern and minimalist kitchens, even rustic kitchens.

The porcelain worked are ecological materials that contain a minimum of 40% high-quality raw materials recovered from external and internal processes, and is certified by the Bureau Veritas institution.

Extractor hoodsDiscover the latest technological innovations 2024

Now, there’s a range hood for every kitchen. Talking about this appliance is talking about an element that has evolved enormously in recent years. It is responsible for preventing smoke and odors from dispersing, something especially important if you have opted for the open kitchen trend, but they must also coordinate with the rest of the design and be as quiet as possible.

To bring you up to date, currently the most fashionable extractor hoods -and the most efficient- are wall-mounted extractor hoods, island-type extractor hoods or ceiling extractors.

  • Ceiling hoods or extractors provide visual cleanliness in the kitchen and do not take up space in it. They are installed in the false ceiling of the kitchen, and give a great sensation of spaciousness, also offering powerful lighting, ideal for cooking without problems.
  • Island-type hoods are especially recommended for American-style kitchens, which have the kitchen area separated from the walls. They are an alternative to ceiling extractors for those who prefer a traditional hood with a modern design.
  • On the other hand, we have the option of countertop extractors, a great integration solution for all types of kitchens. Its installation is very flexible, since the motor can be placed behind, in front of or even several meters from the worktop.
  • Finally, the traditional wall hoods, which can be decorative, telescopic or conventional and which integrate perfectly into any type of kitchen.
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We are lucky to have a novelty in the world of kitchens, the NikolaTesla extractor hob, which combines in a single product two elements that are normally separated in the kitchen, such as the hob and the extractor hood, thus redefining simple gestures. everyday, in a perfect combination of technology, functionality and aesthetics.

The extractor heart, completely hidden in the hob, gives life to a linear design designed to guarantee maximum energy efficiency and very high performance. Ideal even for the most demanding preparations, leaving full freedom of movement on the hob.

Available in 60, 70 and 90 cm versions, in extraction or filter mode, to adapt perfectly to your space. Choose the model that best suits your furniture, without restrictions and with maximum security.

Among its advantages we find the following:

  • Powerful: captures smoke and odors in record time.
  • Silent: it eliminates smoke and bad odors without the slightest noise (54 db at maximum speed).
  • Easy to use: the control interface is intuitive and easy to use,
  • Easy to clean: The hob surface and interior cleaning is quick and easy.
  • Regenerative ceramic filters: equipped with high-performance ceramic filters that guarantee filtering efficiency of up to 80%, compared to the market average of 60%.
  • Automatic function: equipped with intelligent sensors capable of adjusting the ideal extraction power for what you are cooking.

Other premium appliancesDiscover the latest technological innovations 2024

The first, with more than 70 years of history, is a global brand that designs and develops professional household appliances and kitchen solutions such as induction and gas hobs, ovens, and refrigeration.

With a uniquely Scandinavian approach and created with a user-focused approach to make life in the kitchen easier, the brand combines elegant design with clever functions and solutions. For the most demanding, we have the Asko PRO Series TM product range, which achieves perfect results with impeccable designs.

On the other hand, if you decide on Gorenje, you will be choosing simple appliances, without drama or complications that will adapt to your needs and make your day-to-day life easier without diminishing the importance of design.

  • Elegant and clean look with seamless user experience.
  • Adaptive technology, which recognizes the needs or habits of the user.
  • Automatic programs deliver perfect results every time.
  • Intuitive one-step controls ensure ease of use for experienced users and novices alike.
  • Available in black or white, the classic colors that never go out of style.
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Smart tapsDiscover the latest technological innovations 2024

Home automation systems, taps by sensor or electronics are some of the advances that this field has experienced in recent years.

Smart faucets are no longer just for public places. Over the past few years, connected homes represent a growing trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Research shows that the smart home market is expected to grow by approximately 15% annually until 2023. In other words, smart and connected home appliances and applications are becoming more popular every day, including smart faucets.

In order to adapt to new needs, manufacturers have been inventing new products without forgetting design and functionality: systems that not only supply hot and cold water, but also offer various levels of carbonation to obtain carbonated or sparkling water. a soft touch of gas, faucets that are only activated through sensors when the hands are below or even act as a meter and always give us the exact amount of water we need.

The optimization of faucet systems has a direct impact on water consumption and is responsible for great savings, so if you are thinking of renovating the bathroom or kitchen, keep in mind that changing your faucet installation will allow you to save up to 50% water.

Evolution of the world of cookingDiscover the latest technological innovations 2024

In conclusion, driven by advances in the industrial and technological sector, the world of cooking evolves at great speed, which forces us to always be attentive to the latest materials and products that go on sale.

The key to a modern and up-to-date kitchen is to have a space in harmony with the rest of the home, and elements that make tasks easier and allow you to save time. Which kitchen innovation would you stay with?

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