New Trends and Ideas for Bedroom Decor 2025

In this article we will examine the challenges of organizing sleeping arrangements in small urban dwellings. We will take a look at trends in furniture design and modern furniture designs, current trends and innovations in the choice of materials and colors; and summoning – what will be announced in bedroom design in 2025?new bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

The projects of small urban dwellings evoke ingenuity and combinative thinking. Creative zoning and spatial planning is essential when it comes to tight spaces. The comfort of the residents is closely linked to the sly design of their place for peace and privacy – the bedroom. Successful ways of securing a small, quiet corner for these needs are shown by the following two bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Small bedroom trends and ideasnew bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

The first – the Flinders Lane Apartment by Clare Cousins Architects is housed in a landmark building in Melbourne and designed for a young family. With a light, almost filigree light-wood construction, the designers separated a small niche for the bed platform, which can also be considered part of the living space and its bright, modern decor. The continuity of the materials, the high ceilings and the abundance of natural light create an inviting space that, in addition to its cleverly defined functions, has an elegant aesthetic. This dynamic is very comfortable and functional in modern lifestyle arrangements and designs. This design has one more plus – it’s made with modest means and lends itself to bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

This creation by Rue Temple is an excellent example of how small urban living can look much larger and more dynamically modern, yet has an elegant simplicity and a bizarre spirit. This small, modern apartment is located in Moscow, bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Here, the bedroom platform is part of a thoughtful, bespoke wooden construction. Their warm and vital presence is contrasted with the finishing industry of concrete floor and floor finishing. Together with throw pillows it forms a perfect relaxation and leisure bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

As we predicted in Interior Design Trends for 2020, the reality of small townhouses dictates new conditions in contemporary design and requires a more creative bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

If, in the previous two examples, the bedroom, thanks to ingenuity and creative constructs, has in other cases become part of the living room, there is neither room nor the possibility to separate a bedroom from the main living area – so another choice could be appropriate. The sofa bed – a necessity, but also a possibility. The new trends and design lines offer some very fresh and fascinating examples to choose from.

Sofa bednew bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

This is a nice modern piece of furniture – the Convertible Sofa Open by Letti & Co. Designed by Paola Navone. The sofa-bed system is available in functional and elegant colors and is made of fabric or imitation leather and is suitable for a variety of design combinations. It’s perfect for daytime functions – entertaining guests or quietly reading a book, but it’s also prepared for meeting the sleeping needs in every bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

The Celine sofa bed is another option. Producer of Flou and design by Riccardo Giovanetti – the sofa bed, is spacious, deep and cozy. It offers soft flexibility and modern style. It can be considered as an armchair – chaise longue that can be quickly transformed into a comfortable single bed. Equipped with another plus – the fully removable covers made of fabric or Ecopelle (easy to clean), this sofa bed is a dynamic addition to the bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Choose the color smart – the colors and textiles in the decor composition can set the atmosphere faster than anything else. So it does not matter – light and airy, or dark and moody, the color scheme combined with geometric shapes and warm shades is able to reflect the old world atmosphere in a contemporary context. But no matter what you combine – carpets and curtains, textured bedding or other design elements take into account that the main purpose of the bedroom is rest and sleep, so choose colors that encourage this.

Modern bedroom furniture with retro inspirationnew bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

As in many other aspects of interior design, the retro reference in the bedroom will play an important role in the upcoming 2020 – 2025 season. Here are some tips that will, in a sense, secure timelessness for your retro bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Here is a fascinating example of the retro atmosphere in our bedroom, the Bonaldo Collection – showcasing several products in retro chic style. Lacquered surfaces, strong geometric shapes and warm colors keep the senses in this collection. Furnishings and furnishings are elegantly reminiscent of the refined ambience of Mad Men (a cult American television series) that pays tribute to the timeless 1960s style interior design. The strong personality of the cuff leather bed designed by Mauro Lipparini lies in the tailor-made details, in its simple elegance and is developed in different timeless colors: white, anthracite gray, dove gray, amaranth, black or silver.

Fabric bednew bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Speaking of retro – we should mention the return of Velvet as a textile to create stylish, soft furniture examples – sofas, beds and benches. The colors are dramatic, warm and bright. Like in this product by Bolzan Letti – the Nice Light model. The headboard of the double bed is furnished with an original, handmade three-dimensional processing, which has a romantic and charming effect. This bold feature is elegantly contrasted by the essential simplicity of the thin base and the linear shape of the bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Solid wood bed designsnew bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Another global trend in interior design that can be cleverly applied to the creation of your bedroom area is the search for a natural, cozy and earthly feel. So you can always count on a combination of natural materials and green accents for a fresh, trendy bedroom. The wood is the never-failing material that can create a cozy, warm atmosphere in all bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Take a look at this example: the solid wood double bed by Pianca. Modern, elegant and with a delicate retro atmosphere. The high natural material of the construct and the characteristic round corners of the silhouette give the warmth and coziness of each environment in which they are bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

This is the third of the design models created for Pianca, covered in smooth leather on the headboard – minimal and sophisticated, the bed still carries the romantic retro vibe of the bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

This Loa, Treku wood bed, designed by Angel Martí and Enrique Delamo, is a sumptuous piece of furniture that mysteriously unites the rustic feel of a handmade object, the bold contemporary ingenuity and the romantic retro vibe. A grooved frame with rounded corners, natural fabrics and buttons are the hallmarks of the Loa bed that completes the picture.

Everything in one – bedroom and bathroom designnew bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Combined sleeping and bathing areas are becoming increasingly popular, and some of the best examples are in bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

At this boutique hotel in Sala Ayutthaya, Thailand, the wooden structures and beams are juxtaposed with local brick walls, marble and the finest linens. The open design of the space brings a lot of natural light (a wonderful addition to the natural range of building materials) and the free flow is a feeling for the residents. The exquisite luxury combines with exotic hints and modern minimalism – a successful combination as a connecting bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Here in the Hotel Cala Esmeralda – in the decorations of the rooms, the inspiration of the decade in which the hotel was originally built, preserved with the traditional craftsmanship of this Balearic island and mixed with the comfort and the luxurious design elements of the present. The careful selection of materials and furniture was chosen by designer Isabel López Vilalta to create a contemporary, fresh and colorful image. The furnishing compositions are mainly in simple, clean lines with bright accents – like the red textiles in the guest rooms. The open space, which connects the bedroom with the bar, has a unique charm and individuality for the bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Although we have shown combinations of bedrooms and bathrooms, especially in hotel decors, this tendency is also becoming more common among private residents.

 Luxury master bedroom – leather, brass and marblenew bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Manufacturer Flou Design by Rodolfo Dordoni, Iko Bed – presents an eye-catching design combined with the purity of the shapes, the unsuitability of craftsmanship and the use of unusual materials, such as steel in combination with other luxurious materials such as leather, marble and brass. The end result creates an elegant and harmonious mood that expresses a high formal and qualitative value.

Bedroom design materials for the season 2020/2025new bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

When we think of materials for making beds and other bedroom furniture, there is an essential requirement – they should be natural and organic. It’s healthier, more aesthetic and with a wider range of materials to choose from. We all love wood, linen, cotton fabrics, velvet or leather – so a rich selection. They are rich as tactile and aesthetic sensations. The designers follow the wishes of their customers. And their main task is to establish a successful and trendy combination of materials and bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Ditre Italia’s Sanders bedding offers designers a blend of textile and leather with zippers for a more dynamic combination. With the many options available to the Sanders bed, there are no limits to your imagination. It also invites with its cozy, comfortable appearance and it is elegant enough to cater to many different bedroom bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

In the more luxurious Iko Bed by Flou collection, manufacturers used a stylish combination of steel, brass, marble and leather to create a unique bedroom bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

Using different materials: leather and wood, the designers of this stylish, modern bed – the Kauffman of Nadadora – have found a perfect balance between functional and innovative design. The two overlapping headboards, for example, are very comfortable to read in bed and at the same time secure a secluded storage space in each bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

In summary, we can say that nothing old is neglected this season – the colors, shapes and materials from the 60s and 70s of the XX. Century still pushing. The forms will be elongated; The furniture is designed to fit in both small urban homes and larger suburban homes without losing their elegant silhouette and presence. The velvet is back, as well as the deep, generous colors: purple, blue and green. So do not be afraid of colors – choose a color and emphasize the other color bedbroom de cor design trends 2021

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