Small Bathtub Trends 2025 – Original Space Design Ideas

2021 Small Bathtub Trends - Original Space Design IdeasThe bathroom is one of the most important rooms of any house or apartment. After all, every new day begins here. And after work it is so nice to plunge into a hot bath or, on the contrary, refresh yourself with a cool shower. However, despite the importance of the bathroom, most often it is the smallest room in the whole house. That is why for its arrangement you have to resort to some tricks and tricks.

Layout plumbing in a small bathroom2021 Small Bathtub Trends - Original Space Design Ideas

Before you start designing a small bathroom, you should understand some important factors. As a rule, the choice of this or that style of space design can be influenced by:

  1. The total area of the room.
  2. Communication lines on which the placement of plumbing and sockets will depend.
  3. The shape of the room (square, rectangular, etc.).
  4. The presence of quality ventilation.

Modern manufacturers produce plumbing devices that are oriented both to large rooms and small rooms. That is why you can be sure that you will find an option that fits perfectly into your bathroom.

As a rule, plumbing for the design of a small bathroom includes several elements:

  • washbasin;
  • toilet bowl;
  • shower stall.

The most popular options for small spaces are hanging toilets and washbasins. They will not only help to save space, but will also be an excellent element for a room made in a modern style.

Important! For the modern design of a small bathroom, it is not semicircular, but laconic square (rectangular) sinks that are more suitable.

If you prefer a bath rather than a shower, then it is recommended to install it across the width of the room. The main thing is to accurately carry out all the necessary measurements to make sure that the bath is exactly suitable for your room. The advantage of the bathtub is that a shower holder can be installed in it. Thus, you can combine two water procedures.

Tip: When installing a bath, do not use traditional curtains. Give preference to a glass partition that will make the room more spacious and at the same time protect the floor from drops of water.

Actual colors for a small bathroom2021 Small Bathtub Trends - Original Space Design Ideas

When it comes to choosing the shade of walls for the interior design of a small bathroom, the first thing that comes to mind is light or even white colors. Everyone knows that such tones, unlike darker ones, can visually enlarge a room and make it more open and spacious.

The only thing to consider is that the white color can give the room extra sterility, which will make your bathroom look like a hospital room. That is why we recommend that you use small accents in the decoration – inserts of brighter colors that can “revive” the room.

Tip: It is not recommended to combine more than three shades in a small bathroom. Otherwise, the interior will look too heavy.

In addition to the white shade, the following tones of decoration are used for the design of a small bathroom:

  1. Light gray. Cold color that can give the room austerity and conciseness.
  2. Beige bathroom. One of the most common options. Such a room looks not only bright, but also as comfortable as possible.
  3. Black and white bath. Play in contrasts and make the room more original by combining black and white tiles on one wall.
  4. Bright shades. In order to use such a property of white color as a visual increase in space, you can use it in the decoration of the floor and ceiling. But the walls can be made more original and bright. For this, green, blue, yellow or orange shades are suitable.

The interior of a small bathroom – the most relevant style features in 20252021 Small Bathtub Trends - Original Space Design Ideas

If it seems to you that a small area of a bathroom can interfere with a stylish interior design, you are deeply mistaken. Today, designers offer a wide variety of design options, the creation of which does not require large spaces.

In fact, any style of interior is a combination of room decoration, furniture and decorative elements. However, any direction is not a set of binding rules, but just recommendations. You can take from a particular style only certain nuances that fit perfectly into the interior design of a small bathroom, making its design more harmonious and complete.

Classic style2021 Small Bathtub Trends - Original Space Design Ideas

The classic style is most common in the design of a small bathroom 2025. And this is not surprising, because it is quite simple, concise and at the same time cozy. And light colors in decoration and furniture along with a large number of lighting devices will help to make the room much more spacious.

Of course, some luxurious attributes of the classical style in a small bathroom will still have to be excluded. For example, a large bathtub, a huge mirror with a massive frame, a massive crystal chandelier or an elegant cabinet for storing towels and household chemicals. But with the help of small elements, you can definitely turn your bathroom into a classic interior:

  1. Decorate the space in bright colors. The most common option is white and beige.
  2. Choose bright pieces of furniture. Handles for cabinets and shower are better to choose a gold or bronze shade.
  3. Today, there are many original options for doors to the shower. Pay attention to the classic stained-glass windows – they can become a real highlight of the room.
  4. For a more luxurious atmosphere, choose ceramic tiles or wall panels imitating marble or porcelain.

Oriental styles2021 Small Bathtub Trends - Original Space Design Ideas

The oriental style of the interior is natural materials in the decoration of the room and furniture, bright shades of walls and floral patterns (the most common is the sakura branch). At first glance, it might seem that such a feature does not fit too well in a small bathroom. However, if you are a true connoisseur of oriental motifs, you can try to design a space in a similar style. For instance:

  1. Warm shade of the walls. Choose a beige tile that can make a room cozy. In addition, if you opt for lighter variations in wall decoration, you can visually increase the space.
  2. The oriental style itself is so colorful that it does not require an abundance of decor. On the contrary, too many elements can make a room “cluttered”. And this is a big plus for the design of a small bathroom. The decor will depend on which direction of the oriental style you choose: Japanese, Chinese, Egyptian, Arabic. Mandatory attributes are, perhaps, scented candles and aroma lamps.
  3. The doors to the shower can be decorated with oriental elements. It can be either abstract patterns or drawings of flowers, landscapes, etc.

Scandinavian style2021 Small Bathtub Trends - Original Space Design Ideas

Due to the fact that the Scandinavian style in the interior of a house or apartment does not imply the abundant use of furniture and decorative elements, it is great for designing a small bathroom. Moreover, thanks to the principles of decorating rooms, such a style can visually increase the area of small spaces.

The main thing is to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Wall decoration should be done in white. You can use other colors (such as blue) as an accent.
  2. The design of the small Scandinavian-style bathroom is also characterized by an abundance of mirror and glass elements. Hang a beautiful mirror above the washbasin. In addition to its main function, it also visually increase the area of a small bathroom. Doors in the shower are best decorated with transparent glass. The matte surface will make the room visually smaller.
  3. Towels or a pot with a living flower can be used as decor.
  4. All lines and shapes in the design of a small bathroom should be as straight and concise as possible.

Provence style bathrooms2021 Small Bathtub Trends - Original Space Design Ideas

As a rule, Provence assumes the presence of a large bath right in the center of the room. Therefore, it may seem to many that this style is completely irrelevant for the design of a small bathroom. Well, where to put a place for swimming, if the total area of the room is 4-5 square meters?

However, for those who like Provence style in the interior, we offer several solutions that will help to design a room with a similar motive even in a small space:

  1. Use open storage systems. They are universal for a small bathroom in the Provence style – on the one hand, open shelves will not take up much space and help organize space, but on the other they will fit perfectly into the current French interior design. The main thing is to use natural materials (mainly wood) or their imitation.
  2. Light pastel shades, which are so relevant for the Provence style, are perfect for designing a small bathroom with a shower. White or beige walls will help to visually increase the space.
  3. Towels, toothbrush holders or soaps, and other small items can serve as decor for a bathroom design in Provence style. It is better to choose elements in neutral shades with floral patterns.

The play of light – lighting a small bathroom2021 Small Bathtub Trends - Original Space Design Ideas

Lighting is an important step in any repair. If in a large bathroom there is a chance to arrange natural lighting with a window, then a small space completely eliminates this possibility. In this case, you have to do with artificial light, so you should think through it with the utmost care. In addition to the fact that the lamps improve the visibility of the room, they are also a full-fledged decoration element that can become the highlight of the room. And a small bathroom is no exception.

Of course, most likely you will have to abandon the idea of hanging a huge chandelier in the room. However, today on the shelves you can find a huge number of stylish and at the same time concise lighting fixtures that harmoniously fit into the design of a small bathroom.

Important! When arranging the lighting of a small bathroom, do not forget about safety. Choose fixtures that are equipped with extra water protection.

Despite the fact that, it would seem, for a small bathroom, you should choose fewer fixtures, this is far from the case. Installing only one lighting fixture will make the room visually even smaller than it actually is. The light from it will spread only in one direction, making the corners of the room dark and, as a result, narrowing the walls and creating an extra shadow for plumbing and furniture.

The most optimal options for interior design of a small bathroom are spotlights. They do not take up much space and at the same time are able to illuminate the room as much as possible. In addition, you can arrange such light sources in several rows, thus achieving perfect lighting of the space.

Separately, you can select a zone near the mirror. Thus, it will be more convenient for you to perform morning procedures. Some showers today have built-in lighting, which is very convenient for a small bathroom.

Choosing furniture in a small bathroom2021 Small Bathtub Trends - Original Space Design Ideas

The largest piece of furniture for designing a small bathroom is usually a pedestal. Place it under the washbasin. In some cases, this is the only storage system that can fit in a room.

In the event that additional cabinets do not fit in the room, you can install a variety of hanging shelves and cabinets. This option will help to save such valuable space in this case, and at the same time you will have a place to store towels, personal care products and household chemicals.

We offer you some important recommendations regarding the location of furniture in a small bathroom:

  1. Use the space above the toilet. As a rule, for some reason they forget about him. Then a whole piece of the wall remains completely empty. But here you can arrange, for example, towel holders or small shelves.

Use all possible free space on the walls.

  1. Replace cabinets with a variety of hangers, hooks, etc.
  2. The tone of the furniture should be as light as possible. Ideally, it should be combined with wall decoration.
  3. The most optimal option for the design of a small bathroom is a glossy furniture facade. It will reflect light and make the room more spacious.

Important! Do not forget that even in the smallest bathroom, comfort should be in the first place when moving. Therefore, oversized furniture should be avoided using hanging storage systems.

Shower or bath – what to choose?2021 Small Bathtub Trends - Original Space Design Ideas

Many people wonder what is better to install in a small bathroom – a small bathtub or a shower cabin? Of course, first of all, you should focus on your personal preferences. If you cannot imagine your evening without a fragrant relaxing bath, then you can find small structures that can fit even in a room of 5 sq.m.

However, you must understand that in this case you are sacrificing a lot of free space. In some cases, designers are advised to install a corner bath. With the right layout, it can optimally fit into a small room and save a little space for other pieces of furniture.

If you have a small bathroom and are delighted with a refreshing shower, then everything is much simpler. The design of a small bathroom with shower is the best option for a small space. It fully satisfies the need for hygiene procedures and at the same time does not take up much space. Thus, you can install additional furniture or household appliances (for example, a washing machine) in the bathroom, or vice versa save space, gaining more convenience when moving. In addition, when using a shower, you save the amount of water consumed, which will help to significantly reduce the utility bill.

Families with young children prefer a bath instead of a shower stall, as it is often inconvenient for a child to take a shower. In this case, water procedures turn into a real torture, and using a plastic small bath is not always convenient. In this case, showers with deep pallets come to the rescue (some brands even build a jacuzzi in such cabins).

Methods for visually increasing the space of a small bathroom2021 Small Bathtub Trends - Original Space Design Ideas

Above, we have already touched on some aspects that will make the space of a small bathroom visually larger. Let’s summarize by adding a few new nuances:

  1. The horizontal way of laying ceramic tiles of rectangular shape is able to visually push the walls. But vertical installation will help the ceiling look higher than it actually is. Separately, it is worth mentioning the diagonal principle of installing tiles – it is able to visually expand the floor of a small bathroom.
  2. Mirrors, mirrors and mirrors again. This is perhaps the most famous way to increase space. The only recommendation is not to overdo it. Do not decorate the mirror wall in the bathroom, as you can achieve the opposite effect and make the room smaller than it actually is. Such an effect as a visual increase in area works if the mirror is located only at eye level.
  3. Do not forget about light colors in the decoration of walls and facades of furniture.
  4. Pay attention to hanging furniture and plumbing. Besides the fact that this technique will increase the space, he will also be able to simplify the process of cleaning the bathroom.
  5. Stop your choice of rectangular ceramic tiles. It does not distort space, unlike polygonal or square counterparts. It is better to use the mosaic not across the wall, but as an accent element.
  6. Use open storage systems and transparent glass doors for the shower.
  7. As for the facade of bathroom furniture, give preference to glossy options.

Of course, none of the above techniques can make a huge and spacious room out of a 3.4 or 5 square meter bathroom. However, the correct layout will allow you to feel as comfortable as possible even in the smallest room.

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