Stylish Furniture Design Trends 2025

Furniture Design Trends 2021What will be the must for the coming months? First of all it is expected that there will still be many renovations, both for small interventions and for major renovations. Let’s look together at the furnishing trends in terms of floors, walls and interior decoration.

Fluid spaces are still in vogue, favoring light and nature. Design trends bring with them different colors and materials, chosen for walls and floors and mixed with creativity and inspiration. Already 2020 had underlined the release from preconceived styles, preferring styles that mix and give life to new suggestions, in fact this road will continue also for the near future and for 2025.

Therefore maximum interpretative freedom, even if 2025 has traced some lines; will be the year of essential design, perhaps enlivened by an unexpected detail: a carpeted alcove with a particular wallpaper, a mobile recovered at a flea market and painted a deep color, graphics cards and very decorative wallpaper. On the walls the charm of the wallpaper leaves the space to invent the interior designer and make it reflect style and dreams. Underfoot, on the other hand, 2025 mainly demands health-giving floors.

The taste of the decor on the walls is back in fashion, to be combined with functional floors and then the 50s and 60s lines come back to be placed with great attention, but that seem to be placed almost by chance. Great return of the sixties, therefore, because it probably underlines the desire to rediscover and relive those non-conformist years, made of changes and great ideals, years in which well-being and economic growth led to an important ferment and vitality.

STYLESFurniture Design Trends 2021

As we said, the 2025 style is that of not having a style, at least let’s say it is not armored. We can speak more correctly of guidelines, which this year is essentially three:

  1. Geometric
  2. Green
  3. Intellectual vintage

GEOMETRIC style in wall decorations and furnishing components. Circles, hexagons, intersecting lines, the geometric is the master in new trends and is expressed both in the classic and timeless black and white, but also with color. It is not overpowering, the structures are light and integrate with the rest of the furniture. The minimal, retro-style geometry bursts forth, declined in the form of patterns, even for wallpapers, small tables, lamps and furnishing objects. The geometric wallpaper is the main protagonist of the walls.Furniture Design Trends 2021

GREEN style in materials and furnishing details. The new design is green in every form. Wide use of floors that offer respect for the environment, such as awareness of a greater ecological lifestyle, use of non-polluting products, greater attention to the release of substances in the air we breathe. Eco-sustainability has now also entered into furnishings, through the choice of eco-friendly materials and products. Even the recovery follows this philosophy, so that in the restructuring there are far fewer demolitions, the tendency is to “recover”. Recover the old ceramic tiles, with which to make the table top or to insert as a decorative element.

Lucky all those who have kept the old tiles, which become a classy element.

The imperative is “to cover the old floors “, where it is not possible to recover with pvc, laminate or wood floating floors. Cover the old bathroom tiles with enamel-coated glass fiber. Restoring the walls with insulating materials such as the depron and applying cheerful, colored, structured wallpapers to move the environment, with large leaf decorations, flowers, trees and motifs inspired by nature. nature enters the interior even in the form of plants, to be scattered in the rooms and to maintain the right degree of humidity inside. All those who love flowers will benefit, as they will be able to transform environments into real indoor gardens and of course the flowers will also be on the walls with wallpapers and upholstery. Then fill the house with greenery, plants and life.Furniture Design Trends 2021

The INTELLECTUAL VINTAGE Style is the third big must. The focus will be on the refined and convivial retro furniture, which leaves room for the pleasure of browsing the many existing markets, to find unique pieces to match and personalize as you see fit. The new interior design is therefore full of fun in recovering the grandmother’s old furniture or the object found in flea markets, or in modern art shops and which have a story to tell. Dafter the shabby style boom (by now outdated), the liberty style enters and the classic with a Provencal chic flavor, always with the natural colors of wood (especially oak), to be combined with light furnishings. However, there is no shortage of vintage 50s and 60s contrasts between dark woods and colorful furniture.

COLORS AND MATERIALSFurniture Design Trends 2021

In floors, wood is the master, it is true that ceramic wood imitations, rolled in 8 mm thickness. or in 12 mm. or in vinyl parquet format, called LV T. The colors are predominantly pasty, light, with natural, oak, linen, hemp, cotton, soothing and bright colors. Marble is reconfirmed as a valuable material, on tops, in bathrooms, with simple and sober lines. The red and purple colors were preferred for the furnishings 2018, chairs, small accessories, walls, associated with light matte brass and copper, in combinations refined and discreet. The green is the color of 2025 ; that colonizes the world of design fashion and furnishings, with small, expertly measured bursts of color.

STYLISH FLOORSFurniture Design Trends 2021

Nowadays, the floors that are used are established and increasingly used. Not only for renovations, but also for the new, the FLOATING FLOORS | with click joint, in laminate or pvc, they remain at the top of the list of best sellers. They are very easy to assemble and can be laid on existing ones without demolition. Of all the floating floors, the most similar to parquet are laminate floors, even if vinyl floors that imitate parquet and are water-repellent are becoming increasingly popular.

But a recurring question in this type of flooring is relative to health safety; LVT floors release or do not release pollutants into the air you breathe… in short, the so-called VOC – VOC also cover vinyl PVC flooring or not: Answering this question is not easy and is not a matter hasty, you must go into that and here you are already a lot of information that answers the question: i PVC floors are hazardous to health?

Another flooring that is making headway and is back in fashion is the carpet, a floor very used in the 60s for bedrooms and the living room, because it is a soft and very soundproofing floor, so it allows you to rest better as it reduces noise in the room and also those that propagate from below, when you have neighbors that are not too quiet. The yarns have changed, they are very technological and the colors make the furnishing particularly pleasant, the must of the must is the carpet in parquet format that make the carpet flooring very creative.

WALLSFurniture Design Trends 2021

On the walls new trends want decoration, no longer monochromatic and monotonous walls, but walls decorated with small and large designs, of all types: nature, geometric, patterns, flowers, silhouettes, classic and modern, but always very decorative themes.

Great return in the interpretation of the walls as large palettes, to be used as scenery. Plenty of space for pictorial decoration on the walls and wallpaper. 2025 will be the apotheosis of the WALLPAPER, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room and also in the bathroom: washable, vinyl, waterproof, breathable and resistant to humidity. A material that allows you to furnish interiors with great personality and important furnishing effects. Wallpaper not only as a decorative element, but also as a functional and practical product.

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