The most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

The most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

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If you’re tired of the endless row of rectangular gray sofas, you’ll love the 2024 sofa trends. Beautiful natural shades and original prints are becoming increasingly popular, while neutral tones have become softer and warmer. Simple shapes and clear lines are still valued in interior design, but more and more flowing forms can be seen in trendy interiors.

Blue bluesThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

In 2024, we may see an increase in the popularity of the color blue. Soothing and serene, bright blue helps to create a relaxing atmosphere, which is very valuable for the living room. Shades of blue help to feel peaceful, especially when they appear on a white background. The combination of white and blue helps create a clean and fresh look. In 2024, bright blue sofas are in trend, and muted, desaturated shades will be less popular.

ContrastsThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

Ever wanted to experiment with contrasting colors or large geometric patterns? It’s time to do it. If earlier designers turned to softer and more delicate contrasts, now they play with bold and intriguing patterns. You can see sofas in red and white stripes, reminiscent of bright lollipops. Or stylish models with wide black and white stripes, which can be considered a new reading of the checkerboard trend.

The 1970s-style sofa in this photo looks fresh and kitsch at the same time, bringing character and daring energy to the room. 2024 is expected to see many large, bold patterns and geometric designs in contrasting colors.

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Spicy colors and natural shapesThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

Luxurious saffron-colored radius sofa goes well with a cold gray background. Its velvet upholstery creates a soft glow and harmonizes with the glossy coffee table. Rounded natural shapes and intense natural colors help to breathe joy and peace into the interior.

Bright greenThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

Green is much loved for its calming qualities. If you want to bring more natural elements into the interior, you can do this not only with the help of a lot of greenery and natural materials. Just use a bright green color. A whole range of greens, from olive to pine to mint, are great for sofas. In the trend of 2024 and joyful shades. The green and pink in the living room in the photo help to create the impression that you are in a blooming garden.

Red-brownThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

The rust color is intense, deep and warm. It is perfect for a living room in earthy tones. Luminous velvety upholstery makes this shade even more luxurious, while the simple shape of the sofa emphasizes the splash of color.

Textured upholsteryThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

The cream bouclé sofa is one of the biggest trends for 2022. But he charmed everyone so much that he does not lose popularity in 2024. The sofa with smooth shapes and soft upholstery looks especially cozy.

Shades of brownThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

The popularity of various shades of brown is growing, this color is not going to slow down. The trend is warm natural colors, such as sand, caramel, coffee. Designers choose textured upholstery with bold monochrome patterns. Notice also the shape of this high-back frameless modular sofa.

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PurpleThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

Purple and plum shades will be very popular in 2024. If you want a sofa with intense and bold light, check out the Pantone palette. With a rounded silhouette and shiny brass inserts, this sofa will be a highlight in any living room.

Green mossThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

Along with a brighter version of green, darker and more muted shades have become popular in 2024. Warm velvet upholstery, soft, tactile, with deep pile, blends perfectly with the natural mossy tone.

MushroomThe most stylish sofas 2024: colors and shapes

Not quite grey, not quite brown, mushroom is kind of an intermediate shade that changes depending on the lighting. This color looks especially good in combination with rounded natural lines.

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