20 Top Home Decorating Trends 2025

Top Home Decorating Trends 2021Decorating can be fun, especially in style. As far as home decorating trends are concerned, however, it is best to stick to solid trends that will stand the test of time longer than a passing fashion (remember lava lamps?). We have launched our expert eye on the latest and greatest finds of home decorations and we have solved the problem of 20 home decorating trends that you would like to embrace in your own space this year.

Boldly painted wallsTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

Benjamin Moore has become bold with the color of the year for 2018: Caliente. And it certainly is! This warm shade is a refreshing change from the hundred shades of white and beige that have dominated the colors of the walls in past years. The paint color is an easy thing to change and with all the neutral colored furniture that you probably have, a bold color of the wall is the fastest and most convenient trend to decorate your home. It’s a big dose of drama for any space. Don’t like red? Opt for a choice of deep blue or other bold color.

Color in the kitchenTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

Mention color in the kitchen and many people immediately think of the old avocado and gold appliances of the seventies. The kitchens have been too white for too long and now designers are incorporating bold colors not only on backsplash and cabinets, but also on appliances – if that’s something you’d go for. Here, Monogram of Canada has created this colorful and refined family kitchen with green cabinets and accent tiles. Play with color with another bold accent, like red, or stay calm with black and white.

Geometric patternsTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

Geometries are a great trend for home decorating to add patterns to a room, especially if you’re not a fan of flowers (and you’re tired of the ubiquitous chevrons). Jonathan Alder’s subsequent editions of his collections include a range of accessories and furniture that feature bold black and white geometries. The various shapes have a pop-art touch and add a graphic spelling to a space, whether you choose a large rug or just a few well-positioned accessories.

FringeTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

From horse hair to an ottoman to macramé drapes on wall pieces, the fringe is quickly becoming a popular trend for home furnishings. You can even find lighting fixtures with metal or leather fringes, like this Ngala Trading chandelier. The fringe is a good neutral arrangement that adds interest without introducing more motifs or, necessarily, color. The leather fringe like this also adds another texture to the room and is a pleasant substitute for the usual metal and glass chandelier.

Distinctive sinksTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

While there is nothing wrong with a functional clean classic white washbasin, a distinctive sink can really elevate the design of a powder room or guest bathroom to another level. The washbasins are in stone, concrete, wood, colored and structured glass and a string of other materials. This highly polished Ammonitum wooden sink is a great example of an eye-catching sink. The design shows the refined workmanship of the wood and the grain, and the unusual shape attracts attention.

VelvetTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

This sumptuous fabric has been in vogue for a couple of years and shows no signs of fading from the reflectors. Its sophisticated luster and tactile and welcoming feel have great appeal. The fact that it works so well in bold jewel colors and gives an extra dimension to neutrals makes it more versatile than you might think. This decor trend is also moving out of the boudoir and into the family room, used for cushions, ottomans and upholstered furniture of all kinds. This classy Cyan Design armchair is upholstered in a large smoked blue velvet and has a beautiful copper frame.

Vintage lighting fixturesTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

Vintage objects of all kinds are famous in home furnishings, but no other design sector has more choice than lighting. Whether vintage, retrofitted appliances or reproductions, vintage lighting is the focus of attention in living rooms and kitchens around the world. Even within the trend of vintage decoration, there is a wide range of how old projectors are. This rustic Vagabond Vintage model has a very altered look, but vintage shapes with shiny metallic finishes are also extremely popular.

ConcreteTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

We all know what the concrete surfaces look like: smooth or textural with a pleasantly rocky gray appearance. But the new techniques are becoming even more versatile. From new colors to different formulations and finishes for the kitchen and bathroom, the appeal of cement continues to grow among the trends of home decor. This extraordinary bathtub – which seems to have been made from a giant tree – is actually made of concrete. Woodform concrete transforms the material into light, sustainable furniture and furnishings that look like wood without worries. As technology advances, we look forward to having more ways to use concrete at home.

Light woodsTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

Moving away from dark and heavy traditional furniture, today’s trends in home furnishings are using lighter shades to show the wood grain. Seasoned, rustic wood and more finely polished pieces are appreciated in family rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. These lighter pieces – like this Style Garage coffee table – are also an exceptional combination with bold painted walls that help keep the atmosphere bright and airy. Even live wood pieces are available in lighter and warmer wood tones to complement today’s interiors. Wud’s PbR resin and live table are a great example of this trend.

Global decorationTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

The shape, textures and designs of other cultures have long been incorporated into home decor trends, and with today’s more relaxed and casual interiors, global influences are even stronger. Accessories from other countries, combined with various fabrics and a generous touch of rattan, shells or jute are here to stay. Designers and travelers report treasures to use at home that are now becoming an integral part of interior design.

Hot New Home Trends for 2025Top Home Decorating Trends 2021

Pink gold has had its moment and copper is beautiful, but brass finishes are among the furnishing trends that are here to stay. Metal is popular for shelving, lighting, kitchen and bathroom hardware and more. It has a vintage look that can increase in character while the metal develops a natural patina. With the vintage trend still strong, it is a versatile material that fits perfectly: a touch of metal without too much shine. Amuneal kitchen shelves are a spectacular way to put the center of the metal. The lighting fixtures are also a great way to show off the brass, as in the device below by Elish Warlop.

More MetallicTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

Bring the bling! At least that’s what fans of metallic finishes say. There is no shortage of high gloss metals among home decorating trends, especially in the high end. This magnificent Fortuna table by Boca do Lobo is a brilliant example of the metal furniture available at the upper end of the design spectrum. If an ultra-luxurious piece isn’t for you, look for tables, chairs and occasional accessories that offer highly polished metals that fit your interior and your budget. Or try something like Nourison’s golden hair carpet that features a selection of relief designs. It’s perfect for adding a metallic focal point to a space.

Blue as a neutralTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

Usually not included in a neutral color palette, new shades of blue are making their way into the most versatile color set used in today’s furniture trends. This room by Benjamin Moore shows how a bluish-gray tone can act as a neutral background. By using darker shades in the same family together with a complementary accent, blue can be used in a wide variety of combinations. If most of your furniture is in the typical beige palette, using blue is the new and more discreet way to make a statement.

Scandinavian sensitivityTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

Scandinavian design elements have been famous throughout the world for decades, so it is almost difficult to define it as a home furnishing trend. However, the concepts of simplicity, comfort and functionality are becoming increasingly common in home furnishings. These sensitivities are perfectly suited to our desire to lead a less heavy and stressful life. The clean lines of the furniture and the versatility of the Scandinavian style make them natural for this purpose.

Yummy YellowTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

Bold and sunny, yellow is a joyful color that is not all that is common in home furnishings – until now. Perhaps more associated with an old-fashioned farm kitchen, the sunny shade makes its way into all the rooms of the house… small, of course. With fashion, not everyone looks good in yellow, but this is definitely not the case with home decorations. An accent yellow pop is unexpected and cheerful, and cultivates more current than the usual red or orange. For those who are really daring and love the back, SMEG is known for its brightly colored kitchen appliances, including a bright yellow refrigerator.

Spectacular tilesTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

If your thoughts on tiles are limited to mosaics and the variety of the subway, it’s time to visit your local supplier because the designs and options are much wider. Sculpted, structured, colorful and geometric: the possibilities are endless. This Tile Bar motif is an example of the complex motifs that can decorate walls: it combines a leaf-like pattern with shiny sections, along with a raised floral pattern that forms the edge. And, shadows could be out for hairstyles, but it’s definitely still for beautiful mosaic tile installations.

Conservation as a decorationTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

The easiest way to create more storage space is to make the decors do the double job, and this concept is growing among the current trends in home decorating. A rustic Creative Coop shelf with baskets will work in every room to hold all sorts of stuff, from the essentials of the kitchen to towels and essentials. If the rustic is not your style, there are storage options like decorations in almost any kind of look.

Bold prints for wallsTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

Wall coverings have been much maligned over the past few years, but the new models and styles go far beyond the classic cutesy choices with matching edges. (Thank God!) Photorealistic abstracts, geometries and murals are booming with regards to home decorations, particularly when it comes to creating an accent wall. This new collection of coatings by Lookwalls includes wonderful Art Deco designs and abstract shapes that transform a wall into a work of art.

Luxury leatherTop Home Decorating Trends 2021

Leather sofas and chairs are nothing new, but this natural material is spreading over new furnishing accessories such as desks, bedside tables and headboards. The luxury bedrooms incorporate real leather and suede to create an opulent atmosphere that is gender-neutral. It is even used in custom kitchen designs as a surface material for walls and fronts. Try adding a small piece of leather-covered accent or even leather lighting to a space for additional dimensions. Or, choose an aged leather that shows natural flaws, creating a more casual look.

Even if you can’t include every trend, in the design world there is still enough to offer many options to freshen up your space and bring it into the current style. Which of these home decorating trends would you like to try?

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