Trendy Wallpapers For The Bedroom In 2024

What we see right after waking up can set the mood for the whole day. If you are surrounded by an irrelevant, dull interior, then the day will probably not turn out very well. Psychologists recommend changing something in your own environment from time to time, and we suggest starting with the walls. We present an overview of fashionable wallpapers for the bedroom in 2024, designs and trends in modern styles, we will tell and show the actual “clothes” for the bedroom in the photo.

Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2024

Do you want your walls to be on trend? We checked the fashion forecasts for 2024 and collected the TOP 5 categories of fashionable wallpapers that can be purchased at online stores.

Monochrome or patternsTrendy Wallpapers For The Bedroom In 2024

The good news is that ornaments are back in fashion. In previous seasons, wallpaper in the bedroom dictated monochrome wallpaper, but in 2024, everything is changing. Returning geometric and floral ornaments, games with color and texture. Leading the trends:

  • small flowers characteristic of Provence;
  • abstractions in the spirit of the 60s of the XX century;
  • graphic experiments of the 30s;
  • Scandinavian eco-constructivism (the same deer and lingonberries, as if drawn by a child);
  • imitation of silk upholstery of the Rococo era, etc.

In the new season, these styles are united by a special interpretation – muffledness, moderation and accuracy of the pattern.

Modern graphic design as an industry uses the wide possibilities of printing to realize its ideas. For example, the same image can be larger or smaller, respectively, different wallpaper articles with the same pattern are suitable for rooms of different sizes. Thus, both the owners of “chambers” with three-meter ceilings and small rooms in Khrushchev can make their dreams come true in decoration.

Mixing!Trendy Wallpapers For The Bedroom In 2024

The bedroom is a resting place where both the eyes and the head should rest. Too abundant loading of the visual channel with patterns can also load the brain, this only makes you even more tired. And since bare painted walls are no longer fashionable, we combine them. The following options are possible:

  • all the walls are pasted over or painted in the same color, except for one – there are colorful wallpapers;
  • the area is pasted over with a coating with a pattern – the effect of the picture is obtained, especially if plaster or polyurethane molding is put around the perimeter;
  • walls are painted or pasted over in monochrome, but in different colors;
  • with the help of different coatings, additional functional areas are distinguished – for example, a working one.

When choosing combinations, it is very important to take into account not only the compatibility of patterns, but also textures. For example, if canvases with rough embossing are glued around the entire perimeter, then some overload will be visually felt. And if combined with smooth ones, the space will feel more voluminous.

Window to the worldTrendy Wallpapers For The Bedroom In 2024

One of the fashion trends for wallpaper in the bedroom in 2024 is a photo, moreover, in modern design it is not only the usual mountain forests, but also artistic photography. The choice is based on a calming effect that allows you to escape from the troubles of the outside world and go into the world of dreams.

For some, these are mountains, forests, someone will feel consonance with the waves, the desert, and someone will fall asleep, looking at the lights of a big city. A special chic is the work of famous photographers, transferred to wallpaper paper.

By the way, many printing companies offer services for photo printing on wallpaper – first of all, this requires a high-definition source.


People who see properly applied Venetian plaster for the first time often do not believe that it is not marble or stone finish at all. The next phase of surprise: “Is she glowing?!”.

In harmony with realityTrendy Wallpapers For The Bedroom In 2024

Alas, not all designers developing a design project take into account the view from the window, the direction and amount of light entering the room at different times of the day. The result is an interior in the spirit of Louis XV, and outside the window – a warehouse building or the windows of a neighboring “man-hill”. Or trendy gray wallpapers, which looked very stylish on the render, turn a room with windows into a courtyard-well into a prison cell.

In the new season, it is customary to pay special attention to the harmony of the general style of the room and decoration elements with the surrounding reality. No, this does not mean that you should give preference to something nondescript – on the contrary, collect your own harmonious design from different style parts.

Trends and fashion trends in wallpaper design for the bedroom in 2024 come down to the principles of moderation to minimalism, dosed decorativeness and overall harmony of the room as a whole. If you use eco-friendly paper materials, then you can change the “clothes” of the walls at least every year, bringing new emotions to life. You can get acquainted with current examples and assortment in shopping mall wallpaper stores – the latest novelties of the season are already presented here.

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